2016 Digital Clarity Group Report

Digital Transformation in Higher Education:

How Content Management Technologies and Practices Are Evolving in the Era of Experience Management


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Digital Clarity Group ReportThe newest study from Digital Clarity Group (DCG), Digital Transformation in Higher Education, determines that as current and prospective students’ digital expectations rise rapidly, so does the need for colleges and universities to step up their web presence.


According to the report, “The tipping point—the time at which a change or an effect cannot be stopped—will occur when a higher education institution’s inability to meet the digital expectations of today’s education customers affects the quantity and quality of students enrolling in their programs. Once this happens, universities will be playing catch-up with leaders who have been willing to make bold investments.


Findings from the study include:

  • Many colleges and universities are sorely lacking in website and content governance, as web teams are under-resourced for their content workloads.
  • Workflow management is almost nonexistent as a regular practice for many institutions’ websites, resulting in publishing delays, bottlenecks, and content that is out of date, inaccurate, and contradictory.
  • Higher education institutions desire a streamlined way to make publishing content as simple as possible with as little training as possible.
  • Vertical market solutions are a fitting choice for institutions in need of foundational content management capabilities fine-tuned for higher education.


Research shows that digital transformation in higher education is not only crucial, but time-sensitive. Download DCG’s full report for free and find out how to keep your institution from being left in the dust.