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The Web Communications Challenge

Your website is a powerful communication tool. It's the one place you can reach everyone — on and off campus. However, the web is not perfect. Your website is a passive medium that expects students, alumni, and other viewers to navigate to it. Not only must viewers navigate to your site, they must remember to visit your site often enough to receive the benefits of the information you provide.

The Power of Customized Personal Portals

OmniUpdate's OU OnePage is an effective web communications portal that conquers navigation and other communication obstacles. Accessible from any browser, OU OnePage is an active medium that delivers users the customized and consolidated information they seek, such as news, RSS feeds, photos, and more — all while allowing your institution to maintain branding and control. OU OnePage users now have a single web page that allows them to centralize their web information sources, receiving streamlined and personalized information deemed critical by your institution.


OU OnePage

User-Friendly Features and Benefits

  • Accessible from any browser
  • Personalize to include dynamic content from favorite websites
  • Organize content with drag-and-drop ease of use (RSS feeds, photos, links, and more)
  • View personalized information from your institution
  • Access popular instant messaging programs and buddy lists (if allowed by administrator)
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a secure and customizable homepage

Administrator-Friendly Features and Benefits

  • Encourages students, faculty, and alumni to stay connected to your institution's site
  • Meets the demand for delivering personal content
  • Allows for communication directly with users in a spam-free environment
  • Compatible with the look and feel of your institution's website template
  • User authentication, including support for LDAP and Active Directory
  • Specify pre-defined RSS feeds for OU OnePage users to select based on needs and interests
  • Broadcast personalized messages directly to users, viewable anytime the user is logged in