Designed for Users

Friendly, Intuitive CMS

A flood of customer testimonials and the 2011 .eduGuru survey results confirm that our customers love using OU Campus and would choose it again over any other content management system (CMS). Did this happen by accident? Not at all. Our primary development goal is the creation of an intuitive CMS that provides an exceptional customer experience.
Supported Browsers
OU Campus is compatible with all modern browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Users can stick with their browser of choice, and if they know how to use a word processor, their uptake of the application will be immediate. Most users are up and running within an hour of introduction to OU Campus.

Editing Made Easy

Each user has their own personal dashboard to manage their pages and monitor projects within the workflow process. When editing in OU Campus, a user can view the complete design and layout of the entire page, while only the select area of text allowed by the administrator is editable. This in-context editing allows a user to see what the page will look like as they work in the WYSIWYG Editor, eliminating tedious save-preview-edit cycles and ensuring the integrity of the design.

Power at Users' Fingertips

Social Media IntegrationAuthorized users have the ability to insert and edit images, media, forms, and much more. They can create landing pages on the fly, integrate their pages with social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, add an image gallery to their page, and reuse content from others parts of the site. They can also automatically generate RSS items when a page is created or updated and add items to an RSS feed when the page is published. Plus, their content is automatically updated on your mobile site. No IT help needed.

No Wait Publishing

Publishing queues are the ultimate workflow bottleneck, so we kicked them to the curb. In OU Campus, authorized users can publish pages or even directories instantly with a few clicks. And not to worry; built-in approvals and checks ensure that content is accurate and accessible.