Email Campaign Manager

Create Stunning, Mobile-Friendly Emails


Communicating effectively with your audience is critical. You need to send newsletters, announcements, promotions, and other important forms of information electronically. And, you want it to be as easy as possible. Now, you can create, send, and manage your marketing emails within OU Campus with Email Campaign Manager.

 Email Newsletter

OmniUpdate will help you get started. We know designing responsive emails that work in multiple email clients is tricky; often it is much more complicated than designing a web page. So, we include a responsive, email template that renders on all devices and is modifiable to match your institution's brand. In addition, we'll help set up and transport your initial subscriber lists. And, don't worry, when subscribers "opt-out," it is easily managed and maintained in the system, keeping you compliant with anti-spam laws.


New subscribers can sign up for your emails using OmniUpdate's LDP Forms. Prompt your site visitors to subscribe by placing form assets anywhere on your website, and LDP will automatically add new subscribers to the appropriate list.

Testing Your Emails

  • Send as many test emails as you want—to up to 5 email addresses at a time. This is great for testing personalization and text-only email versions.
  • View screenshots in all major email clients including Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail, and mobile clients!
  • Test against popular spam filters and firewalls to detect anything that could prevent your email from being delivered.
  • Do an A/B test. Try two different subject lines, senders, or emails. Send these versions to a small subset of recipients for up to 5 days and track the activity. The winning version, which is determined by open rate, total unique clicks, or total clicks on a selected link, will be sent to the remaining recipients.


You can easily monitor the results of all of your campaigns, including opens, bounces, link activity, and more. Use the data to drive effective and relevant email campaigns for your institution every time!


  • Easy Email Creation – Generating emails is as easy as creating a new page in OU Campus
  • Simple List Management – Use LDP Form Assets to collect your newest subscribers
  • Personalized Template – Send branded emails using a professionally designed, responsive template 
  • Post-Campaign Analysis – Get access to complete reports about message preferences and performance


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