Live Delivery Platform™

Bring your web pages to life

Take common, static pages and jolt them to interactivity with the power of Live Delivery Platform (LDP), allowing for real-time construction of dynamic pages and a variety of Web 2.0 applications. Users can create reusable image galleries while visitors can fill out surveys and leave comments. The optional server-side module takes advantage of your production server’s power while leaving the CMS server blissfully free for other processes.

LDP Image Galleries

LDP Image GalleriesUsers can upload images into reusable galleries; provide a title, caption, and description information; and drag and drop images to modify the order. OU Campus will automatically generate thumbnails based on user-defined settings. LDP Image Galleries are centrally managed assets that can be used on multiple pages.

LDP Comments

Gives website visitors an opportunity to have their voice heard on the institutional website. Visitors can provide their perspective on a topic, like or dislike a page or another visitor's comment, create comment threads, and much more. Administrators have the tools to monitor all feedback, approve and moderate comments, and have granular control over who can input a comment.

LDP Forms*

LDP FormsProvides users with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to quickly build and manage forms, polls, and surveys. Users can add elements such as text, radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and lists for use on any web page. Collected data is stored in the included database and can be submitted to one or more email addresses, each with their own message. OU Campus users with the appropriate permissions can view submitted data from the database and export it for use in external applications.

* LDP Forms requires installation of the LDP server-side module.

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