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Manage your calendar and showcase your events


There is a lot happening on your campus, and it changes daily, even hourly. It's hard to keep your website in sync with all the non-stop activity and change. But, our OU Calendar™ solution can help. OU Calendar is an interactive calendar integrated with your OU Campus™ web content management system (CMS). It makes it easy for you to share and keep on top of campus events.


OU Calendars

How does OU Calendar work? It's simple. Contributors submit events by filling out a web form or by importing events from another calendar system. Once approved and published, events are displayed and easily filtered by day, week, month, or even by category. Category-based calendar feeds can be rendered on corresponding website pages. For example, your student orientation event will display in the calendar, on your home page, and on your admissions page—wherever you need it! And, anyone can export events to personal calendars and share them to social media networks.


Campus events can be showcased in different ways. Share the date, time, location, description with links or images, cost, contact information, and more. Events also have a large number of reoccurrence options. For instance, student government meetings can be set to occur every third Tuesday of the month or on Monday and Wednesday every other week. Plus, OU Calendar gives you the ability to set up registration and collect payments for any of your campus events.


Implementations include:

  • Installation of the calendar software
  • Theming of the calendar to match your institution's current design
  • Online training for using and maintaining the calendar (with recording provided)


All support for the calendar is included in your existing OmniUpdate support contract.



  • Fully Interactive – Information is easily filtered, shared, and exported
  • Multiple Calendars – Events can be tagged in multiple categories and displayed on various pages
  • Easy Creation – Content can be added through a web form or imported
  • Managable Workflow – Take advantage of workflow approval to monitor publishing
  • Paid registration –  Set up guest registration and payment collection 


For more information, contact sales@omniupdate.com.