OU Insights

Get the insights you need to maximize your website’s appeal to site visitors

Strong SEO, comprehensive accessibility, valid links, and correct spelling all positively impact the overall user experience for your site visitors. OU Insights™ continually reports on these key areas of your website's health outside of the publishing workflow, so you not only get people to your website, but you keep them there. Scores, recommended actions, and drill-down capabilities make OU Insights an invaluable tool for your OU Campus administrators and Marketing team to uncover problems and improve areas that have a critical impact on your site visitors’ user experience. Additionally, OU Insights' integration with OU Campus lets your team directly address common problems without leaving the CMS.

OU Insights


  • Quickly fix problems directly within OU Campus such as misspellings, broken links, and accessibility problems
  • View reports with site-wide details and recommended actions on specific issues
  • View reports highlighting page-specific areas of concern, in addition to details such as version, version comments, last published, approver, and more
  • Compare site score history over time
  • Scan all pages, even those not managed in OU Campus, for a comprehensive overview
  • Control report frequency and access via administrator settings


  • Improves your site visitors’ user experience
  • Increases adherence to accessibility laws and regulations
  • Helps you optimize content and metadata for search engines
  • Saves valuable time by fixing problems without leaving the CMS

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