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Add high-quality search results to your website

OCCCWhen your website visitors can quickly and easily find what they are looking for, they are more likely to stay on your site. Give your visitors the best search experience with OmniUpdate’s OU Search™.


Search More Than 100 File Types
OU Search crawls web content that can’t be found via conventional HTML hyperlinks, helping information seekers find important material they might have otherwise missed. It can search more than 100 different file formats, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and links generated by JavaScript.


Word Form, Proximity, and Ranking Options
Visitors can search and scan results, choose to search within a specific department site or subsite, or use advanced search options. These options include word forms that manage which variations of query terms are included in the search; proximity, or the closeness of query terms to each other; and ranking factors that allow visitors to rank the importance of search factors.


Take Advantage of Parametric Capabilities
OU Search also supports parametric search, which filters the results according to the values that visitors choose, capable of up to 50 data values. And indexing can be scheduled to occur hourly, daily, weekly, or on an ad hoc basis, so users are given relevant, accurate results every time.


Eliminate Errors and Get Decision-Making Data
With OU Search, you have the ability to customize not only the look and feel of search results, but which file types and URL patterns to include, which results are highlighted or forced to the top using “best bets,” and more. Administrators can access search reports that provide detailed information about website visitor queries, such as top words and no-hit queries. Plus, every time your website is indexed, you’ll receive a list of errors and duplicates. OU Search improves your website content and provides a better way to find information all-in-one!



  • High Speed — Perform more than 1,000 searches per minute without delay
  • Search Everything — Index all your institution’s various file formats, including PDFs, Word documents, and links
  • Suggested Search Terms — Provide visitors with suggested words or phrases for misspellings or searches that are not found
  • Sophisticated Filtering — Visitors can easily refine, group by, and order search results, or search within a department site
  • Customized Results — Control the look and feel, what gets featured, and which file types get included
  • Useful Reports — See up-to-date summaries of the queries taking place on your website
  • Instant Optimization — Quickly adjust search capabilities to satisfy user needs

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