OU Campus offers user-friendly tools to help with your Marketing, Communication, and Content Personalization needs


Optimize Your Online Presence


Reap the benefits of OU Campus digital marketing solutions and engage your target audiences better than ever before. The OU Campus web content management system (CMS) helps you optimize your online presence, unleash the full value of your content, and put your information at the fingertips of your constituents. Our suite of marketing, communication, and recruitment tools gives you everything you need to create and measure your success.


Email Marketing

Get your email marketing campaigns up and running with user-friendly email templates integrated into OU Campus. Plus, measure the success of your campaigns through integrated A/B testing.


Build lasting connections through your blog using the same great functionality found in OU Campus. Powerful tools include workflow, scheduled publishing, site and page analytics, and customized templates.


Reach your target markets through email newsletters generated from OU Campus. You can even repurpose newsletter content directly from your site.

Landing Pages

Boost your engagement with your prospective students through customized landing pages and A/B testing.


Drive targeted prospects to your website through a search strategy unique to your institution that incorporates link structure, keyword targeting, navigation, metadata, and more.

Content Personalization

Create unique web experiences for your site visitors with personalized content relevant to their needs.



Get to Know Your Audiences


Find out all you want to know about your site visitors using forms, surveys, and polls generated through the OU Campus Live Delivery Platform. With drag-and-drop functionality of elements, you can easily create the marketing tools you need to obtain the information you want.



Social MediaGo On, Be Social


Engage your target audiences where they hang out most. With OU Campus, you can publish content to Facebook and Twitter whenever a page gets published. Plus, you can synchronize a Facebook Page tab with any page on your site. Additionally, OU Campus can integrate with any social media tools that have an available API, including Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Stay connected, be social, be cool... with ease!



Promote Your News and Events with Ease


With the OU Campus What’s New Live feature, you have the control and flexibility to elevate content to the home page or your selected page of choice for maximum exposure. Automatically syndicate and generate RSS items when a page is created or updated, and add items to an RSS feed when the page is published. 


Also keep your constituents in the know with an event calendar integrated into your website. Calendars can be customized and personalized for your website, and you can even add in event registration and payment processing. Users can add contacts, locations, tags, and attachments, as well as schedule repeating events or multiple-date events. Event information can be published immediately or saved for later publication and can be posted to multiple calendars.



Want to learn more?


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