Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance has been President and CEO of OmniUpdate since 2001. His passion for OmniUpdate is infectious. It's that passion and his leadership power that has made OmniUpdate the market leader it is today. When Lance isn't leading the top higher education CMS family, he enjoys spearfishing and eating seafood – lobster is his favorite!

  • Content Management

    Four Signs It's Time to Get a CMS

    While many colleges and universities have adopted CMS solutions, some schools are still struggling with mostly static websites that are cumbersome and costly to maintain. They're missing out.

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Research

    How Important Is Your Website to Admissions, Really?

    Everyone in higher education goes through an exercise of prioritizing enrollment and marketing activities. When making decisions, how important, really, is an institution’s website to accomplishing admission and enrollment goals? Turns out, it’s hard to understate the importance of websites in influencing prospective students.

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Research

    How Do Students Really Choose Their College? Survey Says...

    Every year OmniUpdate co-sponsors a survey of thousands of prospective college students. This year’s E-Expectations report provides fresh data about the online and mobile marketing preferences of college-bound high school students – information that colleges and universities can put into action to refine their recruitment strategies.

  • News & Events

    Three Takeaways from #eduweb15

    The OmniUpdate crew just returned from the 2015 eduWeb Digital Summit. Each year brings new lessons, new perspectives, and new technologies. These conferences can be a bit overwhelming, so as an eduWeb veteran, I would like to share three tenets I take with me to each conference to ensure a rewarding experience and to avoid information overload.

  • News & Events

    End of a Great Year: Record Growth for 2014

    It's hard to believe 2014 has already come to an end. But, I must say, it ended on a great note for OmniUpdate. I couldn't be happier with the results—both from a product development standpoint and a financial standpoint. It truly was a seminal year for our organization. We experienced the highest level of financial performance in our company’s history. With higher year-over-year new customer additions and increased sales of product modules to our existing customers, revenue grew to new record levels.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    Choosing the Right CMS for Your Institution [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Is your institution’s website in need of a redesign? Are you questioned daily about when it will be mobile-friendly? Is it time to re-evaluate your institution’s web content management system (CMS)? Many colleges and universities consider implementing changes to their websites as more and more technologies advance and the pressure to keep up gets to be too much.

  • Technology & Development

    On-premise vs. Hosted Cloud-Based Solutions

    Today, “cloud-based” software solutions are gaining ground over “on-premise” software solutions for many enterprise systems used by colleges and universities. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest is probably service. A cloud-based enterprise system isn't just about software.

  • News & Events

    HighEdWeb 2014: We Came. We Learned. We Ate Doughnuts.

    Last week, 750 people gathered in Portland, Oregon for the best HighEdWeb conference yet. The atmosphere was collaborative, supportive, encouraging, and motivating. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about new web strategies, tactics, and tools from people with a wide array of web experiences, including those from our customers. Joining in the spirit, there was a great deal of merriment at the OmniUpdate booth this year.

  • News & Events

    HighEdWeb, Here We Come!

    Year after year, the OmniUpdate crew looks forward to attending HighEdWeb. It is one of the best venues I've found to learn from the people who live and breathe the biggest challenges that web professionals face every day. We love getting together with our customers and meeting the smartest individuals in the higher ed community from across the country. We always leave the conference inspired and with a renewed sense of optimism for the future!

  • News & Events

    What I Learned about Change at eduWeb 2014

    Change is the reason we attend conferences like eduWeb. Each session is chock-full of ideas, tasks, and strategies that we can implement to improve our website. Some changes are small adjustments, while others are grander, but all change should be viewed as the momentum that carries us through to a better ending.


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