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  • Content Management

    Essential Functionalities and Services for Your CMS: Ongoing Support

    “A relationship with your CMS vendor should not end after your implementation. The vendor should offer the highest level of customer service, allowing you to work without downtime and have peace of mind in the company’s ability to quickly come to the rescue when you need assistance. Customer support should also provide 24/7 coaching in the form of reference guides, videos and online courses that are readily available to you and your users.”

  • Content Management

    The Perils and Perks
    of Outside Consultants

    Let's talk consultants. A quality design consultant can be a boon. The time savings alone can be well worth the investment. But a poorly vetted consultant can lead to lost site visitors. Once you've decided a consultant is in your school’s best interests, you should start the process by gathering your people and going through a checklist before you contract with the consultant.

  • Usability, Content Management

    Taming the Beast: Rogue Websites in Higher Ed

    A modern content management system (CMS) is designed to address the web and digital marketing needs of your institution. The problem is that a lot of colleges and universities use older systems that lack in functionality and don't have user buy-in. Because of this, website content is sometimes created outside the scope of the CMS that can weaken your marketing efforts. Empower your users to create web and digital marketing content without going rogue!

  • Content Management

    Learning to Love _resources

    Not so deep under the skin of an OU Campus installation is the _resources folder. It's a vital part of the content management system and contains your templates, scripts, design, and the XSL that transforms your content. It's nothing to be scared of. Just make sure you do your backups and you should be able to tinker away or solve any issues that might arise.

  • Content Management, Usability

    404 Happens: But It Should Not Spell Disaster

    404 (file not found) is the error code returned by the server when a URL does not resolve to a valid location. Most commonly referred to as "Page Not Found," but it could happen to any resource. When it happens to a page your visitors are looking for, you want to provide a friendly message and recommended navigational options.

  • Content Management

    Why You Want Pictures on Your Web Pages (Part 2)

    As web content managers tasked with communicating important information, it's important to understand the psychology of imagery, as well as how to select and prepare images for web. What exactly is a well-composed picture and what is considered a "prime location" for that picture when it comes to your website?

  • Content Management

    Why You Want Pictures on Your Web Pages (Part 1)

    When it comes to website content, pictures are powerful allies, if you know how to manage them. People are drawn to visual content and take action based on its subtle cues faster than any other medium. Consider featuring a well-composed, relevant, and beautiful picture, in a prime location, that will visually enhance the message your web page is intended to convey.

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Content Management

    Online Magazines: Giving Your Content Life

    Almost all colleges and universities have some sort of print magazine. One question though: How do you know the number of people that actually read the magazine? There's a relatively simple solution to lower costs, gain valuable readership statistics, and more effectively deliver content to your magazine readers: take your magazine online using OU Campus.

  • Content Management

    Creating Effective Training Programs (Part 2)

    At OmniUpdate, we love to hear feedback on the effective techniques our customers have developed to train their users in the OU Campus™ web content management system (CMS). Here are a few examples that I hope will give you some ideas about creating your own effective training plan.

  • News & Events, Content Management

    Creating Effective Training Programs (Part 1)

    In anticipation of Developing an Effective End-User Training Program, my last workshop on Thursday at the 2015 OmniUpdate User Training Conference, I wanted to get you thinking about how to craft an effective training program. Training employees on a new product can be a daunting task and it’s often hard to know exactly where to begin. This is particularly true at higher education institutions that have limited staff training resources.


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