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  • Marketing & Recruitment, Content Management

    Online Magazines: Giving Your Content Life

    Almost all colleges and universities have some sort of print magazine. One question though: How do you know the number of people that actually read the magazine? There's a relatively simple solution to lower costs, gain valuable readership statistics, and more effectively deliver content to your magazine readers: take your magazine online using OU Campus.

  • Content Management

    Creating Effective Training Programs (Part 2)

    At OmniUpdate, we love to hear feedback on the effective techniques our customers have developed to train their users in the OU Campus™ web content management system (CMS). Here are a few examples that I hope will give you some ideas about creating your own effective training plan.

  • Content Management, News & Events

    Creating Effective Training Programs (Part 1)

    In anticipation of Developing an Effective End-User Training Program, my last workshop on Thursday at the 2015 OmniUpdate User Training Conference, I wanted to get you thinking about how to craft an effective training program. Training employees on a new product can be a daunting task and it’s often hard to know exactly where to begin. This is particularly true at higher education institutions that have limited staff training resources.

  • Content Management

    How to Write Website Content that People Will Read

    According to Jakob Nielsen, principal of the Nielsen Norman Group and considered the world’s foremost expert in web usability, people don’t read on the web. Instead, they scan pages, picking out individual words and sentences. More specifically, they’re impatient! They want what they want and they want it now. Isn’t that how people browse the web today?

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Content Management

    Tips for Creating and Managing Email Campaigns in OU Campus

    Whether it’s open on your desktop or launched on a mobile device while standing in line at the store, email has become an integral part of everyday life. For any business, including higher education institutions, it is important to utilize email communication as part of a complete outbound marketing strategy.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    Choosing the Right CMS for Your Institution [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Is your institution’s website in need of a redesign? Are you questioned daily about when it will be mobile-friendly? Is it time to re-evaluate your institution’s web content management system (CMS)? Many colleges and universities consider implementing changes to their websites as more and more technologies advance and the pressure to keep up gets to be too much.

  • Content Management

    Accessing Analytics Right from OU Campus - It Matters!

    Over the summer, our CEO Lance Merker published a blog post introducing OmniUpdate’s new Google Analytics gadgets available in our web content management system, OU Campus. The gadgets enable users across the institution to see what’s happening on the website through our Site and Page Analytics Gadgets, and, most recently, social media analytics integration. The importance of these new features is underscored in this wonderful article.

  • Usability, Content Management

    Cultivating Usability with OU Campus Custom Dictionaries

    Maintaining a large college or university website with numerous contributors, sites, and pages can be challenging, especially when it comes to consistency and standardization. One of the biggest hurdles to the usability of these big sites is in keeping an agreed upon vocabulary, naming, and labeling system. Our equivalent in OU Campus v10 is Custom Dictionaries with a new and improved user interface.

  • Research, Content Management

    Get found: What's changed for SEO in 2014 and What it Means for Higher Ed

    Are you working to increase your institution’s ranking in search results? You should be. Colleges and universities can take advantage of some of the changes to the way Google and other search engines rank web pages by looking at these four trends in search engine optimization (SEO) for 2014.

  • Content Management, Marketing & Recruitment

    7 Reasons to Promote Your Institution's Walk Score

    There is a website called You might have heard of it. It quantifies how walkable any location is by calculating its distance from stores, services, transit, and takes into consideration other livability aspects. It’s primarily directed at home owners and renters looking to relocate. But, what if you used it on your institution’s website?


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