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Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance has been President and CEO of OmniUpdate since 2001. His passion for OmniUpdate is infectious. It's that passion and his leadership power that has made OmniUpdate the market leader it is today. When Lance isn't leading the top higher education CMS family, he enjoys spearfishing and eating seafood – lobster is his favorite!

  • News & Events

    HighEdWeb, Here We Come!

    Year after year, the OmniUpdate crew looks forward to attending HighEdWeb. It is one of the best venues I've found to learn from the people who live and breathe the biggest challenges that web professionals face every day. We love getting together with our customers and meeting the smartest individuals in the higher ed community from across the country. We always leave the conference inspired and with a renewed sense of optimism for the future!

  • News & Events

    What I Learned about Change at eduWeb 2014

    Change is the reason we attend conferences like eduWeb. Each session is chock-full of ideas, tasks, and strategies that we can implement to improve our website. Some changes are small adjustments, while others are grander, but all change should be viewed as the momentum that carries us through to a better ending.

  • Content Management

    Analytics Gadgets: Data at Your Fingertips

    It’s no secret that web analytics are the essential tool you need to unlock the mysteries of web visitors. Without analytics, you have little chance of understanding where visitors came from and what they are doing when they arrive. Welcome the integration of OU Campus and Google Analytics.

  • Marketing & Recruitment

    Three Big Web Trends for Colleges in 2014

    Career College Central recently asked us about big web trends for colleges in 2014. This is a hot topic across higher ed, as educational institutions are being buffeted by rapid changes in technology that are transforming the way we work and communicate. OmniUpdate was a good match to talk about how institutions can keep up with these changes.

  • Content Management, Usability

    It's Time to Take Your Course Catalog Online

    It's the end of spring. What does that mean in the academic world? The new school year is on the horizon, which makes now the perfect time to consider improving your online course catalog. Did you know that OmniUpdate has helped more than two dozen colleges and universities automate their catalog?

  • Content Management

    Web Governance: Are You Building a Bridge to Nowhere?

    Today, every higher education institution has some form of web governance. But is your institution doing it right? And what does it have to do with a web content management system (CMS)? The key is that your web governance and CMS processes should be tightly linked, as both are working toward the same goal—better web content and better management of that content.

  • News & Events

    2014 OmniUpdate Customer of the Year

    At last month’s annual user training conference, we announced our 2014 OmniUpdate Customer of the Year. This year’s recipient is so deserving of the award and has been a true evangelist for our company over the past few years. She also just so happened to be the top tweeter during our conference. She’s always tweeting great tips and advice, and during the conference was no different. And, she’ll be featured in an upcoming testimonial video on

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    Diving into Version 10: Taking It Apart and Putting It Back Together

    After hands-on experience with the new version 10 of our web CMS, our customers left the 2014 OmniUpdate User Training conference feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take their web CMS experience to the next level. Version 10 of OU Campus is the biggest update to the product in company history and signifies the next generation in web CMS technology. Essentially, we rebuilt the product from the ground up, going through each layer and making it better.

  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    OU Campus Version 10 -
    A New Foundation for the Future

    Colleges and universities want the very best for their web content management system (CMS). They want next generation, best-of-breed, user-friendly, and extensible. Because of our focus is on how to better serve our favorite people (our customers working in higher education), we've worked feverishly to deliver OU Campus version 10. And, we were thrilled when it was released on December 30, 2013. Check out a summary of all the cool stuff that comes with version 10.0.


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