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  • Research, News & Events

    E-Expectations 2014 on Admissions Live Webcast

    The reaction to this year’s E-Expectations report, “The Online Preferences of College-Bound High School Seniors and Their Parents,” has been overwhelming. Given the staggering changes to the communications landscape brought on by technology and how many new ways there are to reach college-bound students and their parents, Admissions professionals, communications departments, and IT staff alike are eager for the data.

  • Technology & Development

    OU Blogs Powered by OU Campus: Revitalized for the Digital Marketing Mission

    Last week OmniUpdate released a new module called OU Blogs. This module allows users to create and manage blogs within our web CMS, OU Campus v10. In general, blogging can be a powerful marketing tool for our higher ed institutions. It can add authenticity to a brand; reach different audiences than a website; offer content that may not fit other communication vehicles (format or content-wise); and improve SEO.

  • News & Events

    OUTC15: Call for Proposals now open!

    We hope that your calendars are marked for March 1-5, 2015 and you've started on your base tan for sunny Newport Beach because we’re gearing up to bring you another spectacular OmniUpdate User Training Conference! We’re excited to catch up and share with you all the things that make OU Campus great.

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Technology & Development

    Introducing Email Campaign Manager

    We all know by now that email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive; however, in need of a makeover. We discovered this in the 2014 E-Expectations survey conducted with 1,000 college-bound high school students. The results showed that two-thirds of students said they check their email at least once a day using their mobile device! These are the same students that are arriving on your campus right now.

  • News & Events, Technology & Development

    2014 OmniUpdate Gadget Challenge [Infographic]

    If you’re an OU Campus user, you know by now that the 2014 OmniUpdate Gadget Challenge is already underway! Even as you read this, OU Campus enthusiasts all over the country are busy brainstorming the best gadgets possible. This is your chance to get involved, win free registration to OmniUpdate's annual User Training Conference, and earn recognition for yourself and your institution. So what are you waiting for?

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Research

    E-Expectations: Effective Recruiting Starts with Your College Website

    Colleges and universities invest heavily in student recruitment. But, with an ever expanding array of tools to reach teens – from email to apps to text messaging – schools have more options than ever. Fortunately, we have solid research on how students engage with higher education institutions in the digital realm. The verdict?

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    E-Expectations: Have you Considered Your College Website's Mobile Audience?

    Mobile use is now the norm. Yet, many colleges and universities are still struggling to give mobile users an optimal experience. The 2014 E-Expectations Report, The Online Preferences of College-Bound High School Seniors and Their Parents reveals why that is both astounding and a cause for concern.

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Research

    E-Expectations: 5 Facts to Help Market to College-Bound Students

    College-bound students can be fickle – on Facebook one day and Snapchat the next. Abandoning email, and then getting back into it again. So, we surveyed 1,000 high school seniors about how they prefer to be reached online. This incredibly important data should be shared with everyone who is involved in developing and maintaining your college or university website.

  • Content Management

    Small Web Team: When Buying a CMS Makes Sense (Part III)

    The web used to be seen as a task or project belonging to either IT or Marketing. There is only a minor reference to it in their long list of responsibilities. Then one day they realize they've been ambushed. They find themselves accountable, perhaps unofficially, for what's happening on the web. Everyone expects them to do their full-time jobs and make their part of the website amazing... yet no one cares how. These people need help!

  • Content Management

    Small Web Team: When Buying a CMS Makes Sense (Part II)

    A good developer is worth his or her weight in gold. We can never have enough of them. But, if an institution has a small web team, there may be too much work or responsibility on the shoulders of too few. Especially if the developer decides to go on vacation or, even worse, leave. And let's face it... a great developer is in high demand.


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