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  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    New in OU Campus: Gadgets, Tag Management, Mobile Administration, and More

    Spring has sprung a little early here at OmniUpdate with the release of OU Campus™ version 10.4, which includes enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets that will enrich the user experience. Plus, we also are releasing OU Campus™ for Mobile, giving users administrative and workflow functionality on the go.

  • Usability, Technology & Development

    Best Practices for Implementing a CMS

    You’ve chosen your content management system and are ready for the implementation stage. This means you can kick back, relax, and let the vendor do all the work, right? Not quite! The implementation process we’ve developed is designed to make things as smooth as possible. Learn how you can help to ensure your implementation is setting you up for success.

  • Technology & Development, News & Events

    Q&A With Our Working Gadget Winner

    Continuing with our Gadget Challenge series, the Working Gadget winner of our 2015 Gadget Challenge was Nicholas Raia from Farmingdale State College with his Page Comments Gadget. Check out our Q&A with him to get the inside scoop behind his winning submission.

  • Technology & Development, News & Events

    Q&A With Our Gadget Idea Winner

    As previously announced, the Gadget Idea winner of our 2015 Gadget Challenge was Patrick O'Gorman from Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine with his Expanded Page Info Gadget. Check out our Q&A with him to get the inside scoop behind his winning submission.

  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    Snippets: Your New Best Friend

    In OU Campus, a snippet is a pre-built chunk of code that non-technical users can easily add to a web page by clicking a button in the WYSIWYG Editor or dragging it from the Snippets Gadget. Whether you are using snippets to define formatting for a block of content or transforming a complex piece of HTML code, snippets are easily created, maintained, and adapted for any use.

  • Technology & Development, Web Design

    Top Responsive Design Frameworks

    Responsive design frameworks are not one size fits all. Is one framework better than the rest? Each framework has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on what you want to achieve with your design. Content management systems that offer true separation of content from design increase the flexibility of design layouts through templating.

  • News & Events, Technology & Development

    The 2015 OmniUpdate Hackathon

    Last Friday, we hosted our very first hackathon at OmniUpdate. It was incredible. Throughout the year, I’m constantly reminded of how smart and inventive my coworkers are, but when they were given an entire day left only to their own creativity, ambition, and hard work, I was truly in awe of their talent.

  • Usability, Technology & Development

    Why OU Search Is a Better Search Solution

    OmniUpdate just re-released its OU Search™ module in OmniUpdate's OU Campus™ web content management system. This module gives your college and university website visitors the ability to quickly and easily find exactly what they need. Equally exciting, it allows administrators to customize the search results that visitors see, offering up the best user experience tailored to your institution. The new and improved OU Search module vastly exceeds the most popular search solutions out there.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    Choosing the Right CMS for Your Institution [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Is your institution’s website in need of a redesign? Are you questioned daily about when it will be mobile-friendly? Is it time to re-evaluate your institution’s web content management system (CMS)? Many colleges and universities consider implementing changes to their websites as more and more technologies advance and the pressure to keep up gets to be too much.

  • Technology & Development

    On-premise vs. Hosted Cloud-Based Solutions

    Today, “cloud-based” software solutions are gaining ground over “on-premise” software solutions for many enterprise systems used by colleges and universities. There are several reasons for this, but the biggest is probably service. A cloud-based enterprise system isn't just about software.


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