• Technology & Development, Web Design

    Building Successful Websites from the Ground Up

    At #OUTC16, Michael Chameides, Website Manager for Bard College at Simon’s Rock, gave a presentation on his experience designing for the CMS. Subjects included pattern libraries, OU Campus functionality, dynamic content, and agile development. Read on to learn about the strategies he has found to create efficiently running websites.

  • Usability, Content Management

    The Welcoming Website Part 4: Collaborating Across Campus

    I am happy to end my blog series on web accessibility with a post that focuses on collaboration, a cornerstone of Universal Design and disability activism. Like all other campus initiatives, ensuring that physical and digital spaces remain accessible requires cooperation from everyone on campus. Here are some ideas on how to make web accessibility a priority for your institution.

  • News & Events

    #OUTC16 Spotlight: Community

    The weeks after OUTC ends are always bittersweet. It is during these weeks that it hits me hard — we have to wait an entire year until we are all gathered together again. It is also during these weeks that it hits me — OUTC isn’t only about product info, presentations, workshops, and parties. It is about community.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    New in OU Campus: Gadgets, Tag Management, Mobile Administration, and More

    Spring has sprung a little early here at OmniUpdate with the release of OU Campus™ version 10.4, which includes enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets that will enrich the user experience. Plus, we also are releasing OU Campus™ for Mobile, giving users administrative and workflow functionality on the go.

  • Usability

    The Welcoming Website Part 3: Making the Most of Accessibility Check

    If you have been making regular accessibility checks on your institution’s web pages, you may be familiar with some of the language and common issues of web accessibility. OmniUpdate’s OU Campus provides an Accessibility Check tool that can help reveal code-level accessibility issues to thoroughly address accessibility compliance.

  • News & Events

    #OUTC16 Spotlight: 5 of LA's Best Kept Secrets

    With OUTC16 less than one week away, I know many of you are busy making travel plans. With so much to do and see in Downtown Los Angeles, how do you decide? If you’re looking for local fun and culture, be sure to check out these five marvelous, unique hot spots for mingling, drinks, dining, and sightseeing.

  • News & Events

    #OUTC16 Spotlight: Events

    With the 2016 OmniUpdate User Training Conference less than two weeks away, we are all buzzing with anticipation and excitement! There is so much to look forward to – the sessions, the workshops, and of course the after-hour events. Here’s a sneak peek of the fun.

  • News & Events

    Ready to Kick Your Alumni Engagement Up a Notch?

    Alumni play a key role in advancement for higher education institutions, but connecting with them can often be difficult. If you’re looking for a new way to increase alumni engagement, Higher Ed Live's episode featuring Stony Brook University’s 40 Under Forty program may be just the ticket.

  • News & Events

    #OUTC16 Spotlight: Peer Presentations

    Presentations at the OmniUpdate User Training Conference aren’t just about delivering information — they are about putting you in touch with others who experience the same challenges you face. The presenters are eager to engage with you too. Find out what they are most excited to share at the conference!

  • Usability, News & Events

    Looking to Improve Your Site's Accessibility? Higher Ed Live Has You Covered

    It’s awesome to have a website that looks great, but what happens if the content is not accessible to all visitors? Your website should be an extension of your physical campus and be a level playing field for all visitors. Check out Higher Ed Live’s Special Edition episode on Universal Design for great tips on making your site more accessible.


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