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  • Content Management

    OU Campus Support Site: What Does It Do and Why Is It Here?

    You may be familiar with the OU Campus Support Site, or you may be a newbie. Either way, it’s good to get an overview of the basics so you can get the most out of the site, including how to access the site, navigation options, and user-level indicators.

  • Content Management

    Essential Functionalities and Services for Your CMS: Ongoing Support

    “A relationship with your CMS vendor should not end after your implementation. The vendor should offer the highest level of customer service, allowing you to work without downtime and have peace of mind in the company’s ability to quickly come to the rescue when you need assistance. Customer support should also provide 24/7 coaching in the form of reference guides, videos and online courses that are readily available to you and your users.”

  • News & Events

    Introducing Breanna Scott, OmniUpdate's New Software Trainer

    OmniUpdate is growing! We are very proud to announce that we have a new Software Trainer who has joined our Training department. Please join us in welcoming Breanna Scott. Originally from Thousand Oaks, CA, she is excited to be back and to hear feedback and new ideas from our customers on how to better our support services.

  • News & Events

    Concierge Program: One-Stop Shop for CMS-Related Services

    The OmniUpdate Concierge Program provides customers with access to services that go beyond the scope of the content management system and complement their digital marketing and development goals. These services have a set cost for a pre-defined group of deliverables and are provided directly by OmniUpdate partners.

  • News & Events

    OmniUpdate Community Network
    Gets a Facelift

    This week was big for OmniUpdate customers. We just re-launched the OmniUpdate Community Network (OCN). It has a new design and we’ve added new functionality that makes the site much more useful and engaging for members. Change is good!

  • Usability, Technology & Development

    Why OU Search Is a Better Search Solution

    OmniUpdate just re-released its OU Search™ module in OmniUpdate's OU Campus™ web content management system. This module gives your college and university website visitors the ability to quickly and easily find exactly what they need. Equally exciting, it allows administrators to customize the search results that visitors see, offering up the best user experience tailored to your institution. The new and improved OU Search module vastly exceeds the most popular search solutions out there.

  • Content Management

    Getting Your Learn On with the
    OU Campus LMS

    Did you hear about our new resource in the Training Department here at OmniUpdate? We've implemented a Learning Management System (LMS) to assist customers with the transition to OU Campus version 10. LMS courses contain a mix of self-paced modules, quizzes, written documentation, and video tutorials relevant to the course topic.

  • News & Events

    OmniUpdate Customer Support: Well-Deserved Recognition

    OmniUpdate has always focused on providing best-in-class customer service, from response times to the quality of service provided. We always strive to go above and beyond our customers' high expectations when providing support. At the beginning of 2013, we challenged our Support team to step it up and make those customer experiences even more extraordinary by solving tickets faster, while keeping the quality just as high with no loss in customer satisfaction. The Support team blew away the goals and were awarded for their achievements.


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