Sara Arnold

Web Communications Manager

Starting her career in academic publishing, Sara is a stickler for grammar and makes sure that every "i" is dotted and every "t" crossed in all OmniUpdate marketing communications that go out the door. A Camarillo native, Sara enjoys spending time with family, camping, doing anything crafty, and rooting for her ASU Sun Devils.

  • Let the Redesign Scavenger Hunt Begin

    We're so excited about our new site, we decided to have a little fun! We're giving away an OmniUpdate Swag Bag and a $50 Amazon gift card to one lucky website visitor.

  • Tips and Takeaways from the 2017 Redesign

    Website redesigns can be a bear, but if managed properly, they are extremely worth your time and investment. Whether you go it alone or you team up with a design partner, here's 5 important questions to keep in mind during the redesign process.

  • Content Management

    10 Kinds of Content You'll Use Again and Again

    A full-featured web content management system lets you create a library of content for use across your website. It will help you save time, provide users with authoritative info, and get much more mileage out of your material. So what content should you include in your library?

  • Marketing & Recruitment, Research

    What Images Do College-Bound Students Want to See on Your Website?

    According to the 2016 E-Expectations Report, 75% of high school juniors and seniors prefer candid (not staged) images of student life and non-academic activities on your website. Prospective students want to envision themselves on your campus. What else are prospective students' wanting to find on your site?

  • Usability, Content Management

    From Launch to Pre-Op: Tips to Maintain Your Website's Health

    Like kids, a pet, or even you, websites need consistent care to keep running and operating efficiently. At OUTC16, Jennie Salamoun, User Experience Architect at NewCity, walked us through the wellness and preventive care measures needed for a healthy website. Get her insight and best practices to keep your website in top shape.

  • Usability, Web Design

    Transforming Your Website: From Content Management to Experience Management

    Any time a visitor is on your site, he is having some sort of user experience. The critical question is what kind of experience is it? Great! Ordinary. Terrible! Most institutions using OU Campus have made excellent headway in mastering the basics. Content works well on all devices and platforms, text is scannable, and pages are consistent. Is that good enough? Learn about six key areas to focus on in order to elevate your website experience.

  • Usability, Web Design

    The Halo Effect and Your Website

    In social psychology, the Halo Effect is classified as a cognitive bias where an individual transfers his feelings about one aspect of something and extrapolates it into an overall opinion about it. So what does the Halo Effect have to do with your website? Actually, everything. The Halo Effect is not fair, but it is a definite reality.

  • Content Management

    Utilizing an Untapped Resource: Student Interns

    When you think about the website needs of most colleges and universities today, you can’t help but put hiring more staff at the top of that list. In many circumstances, however, there are a tremendous amount of hoops to jump through to make that a reality. But what if there was a way to get all the help you needed without taking a bite out of the budget or hiring full-time employees?

  • News & Events

    University of North Carolina School of the Arts Website in the Running for a Webby Award

    We are excited to announce that our customer University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA) is nominated for a Webby Award in the category of General Website: School/University. The Webby is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet. Pretty cool just to be nominated. If you’d like to show your support, cast your vote for UNCSA by April 21! Here’s their story…

  • News & Events

    Ready to Kick Your Alumni Engagement Up a Notch?

    Alumni play a key role in advancement for higher education institutions, but connecting with them can often be difficult. If you’re looking for a new way to increase alumni engagement, Higher Ed Live's episode featuring Stony Brook University’s 40 Under Forty program may be just the ticket.


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