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  • Technology & Development, Usability

    6 Reasons Why OU Search Is the Solution for You

    Word is out: Google is discontinuing Google Site Search. If you are looking for an alternative, here are six reasons why you should consider OmniUpdate's OU Search solution.

  • Web Design, Usability

    3 Things to Keep in Mind when Building Your Information Architecture for Higher Ed

    The folks at mStoner know how important information architecture is for your higher education website. A well-organized structure for your content will make it easier for prospective students to find information and build an awesome relationship with your institution. Find out what you should keep in mind when building your IA and how to make visitors feel right at home with your site!

  • Content Management, Usability

    UX Feedback Program: Your Voice Matters

    We want to hear from our amazing OU Campus users! This is your opportunity to share input on features, usability, and more. Learn about our new UX Feedback Program today and how you can share your experiences – from the good to the bad and everything in between. Our goal is to create the best user experience possible, so help us help you!

  • Content Management, Usability

    SEO What? Learn How to Use Search Engine Optimization to Get Your Website Seen

    When it comes to your website, what is most important? That it’s engaging? That it represents your school’s mission? That it looks good? All of these are great, but they are useless if your website isn’t getting seen. How do you ensure that your website doesn’t get lost in the countless number of results that pop up on search engines like Google? Enter: Search Engine Optimization.

  • Content Management, Usability

    From Launch to Pre-Op: Tips to Maintain Your Website's Health

    Like kids, a pet, or even you, websites need consistent care to keep running and operating efficiently. At OUTC16, Jennie Salamoun, User Experience Architect at NewCity, walked us through the wellness and preventive care measures needed for a healthy website. Get her insight and best practices to keep your website in top shape.

  • Research, Usability

    Making User Experience a Top Priority

    We’ve all been on websites that have left us confused or frustrated. Perhaps you just needed contact information but it was nowhere to be found. Maybe the pages were overly complicated or poorly organized. Ugh! These are all examples of problems that can add up to a negative user experience, which can lead to a negative impression that reflects not only on your website, but on your college or university.

  • Technology & Development, Usability

    Get an In-Depth Look at Your Website's Health with OU Insights

    When you only have a matter of seconds to shape the first impression of your website visitors, maximizing your website’s appeal becomes paramount. If your website has spelling errors or broken links, that poor first impression will reflect on your institution’s reputation. Worse yet, what if your website isn’t even seen because weak SEO tactics reduce visibility in search engine results? And even worse, what if you run into legal ramifications for not complying with accessibility guidelines?

  • Web Design, Usability

    Transforming Your Website: From Content Management to Experience Management

    Any time a visitor is on your site, he is having some sort of user experience. The critical question is what kind of experience is it? Great! Ordinary. Terrible! Most institutions using OU Campus have made excellent headway in mastering the basics. Content works well on all devices and platforms, text is scannable, and pages are consistent. Is that good enough? Learn about six key areas to focus on in order to elevate your website experience.

  • Usability, Web Design

    Website Redesign: How to Give Site Visitors What They Need

    At OUTC16, Sylvia Nicosia, Director of Web Programming and Development at Farmingdale State College, gave a detailed presentation on her institution’s most recent website redesign. Using analytics and qualitative data, Nicosia and her team developed a simple, yet powerful design where information architecture meets the expectations of their site visitors. Learn about their journey to a successful website redesign.

  • Usability, Web Design

    How to Improve Your Website's Usability and Make a Good Impression

    When starting a new book, the reader might give it a few pages or maybe even a couple of chapters to let it catch her interest. When it comes to your website, you’ve got a matter of seconds to capture her attention. Usability is understanding what your audience wants from your website and providing it in a way that is efficient and intuitive for them. Learn about five important areas to focus on when evaluating your sites’ usability strengths and weaknesses.


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