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  • Technology & Development, Marketing & Recruitment

    Introducing Email Campaign Manager

    We all know by now that email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive; however, in need of a makeover. We discovered this in the 2014 E-Expectations survey conducted with 1,000 college-bound high school students. The results showed that two-thirds of students said they check their email at least once a day using their mobile device! These are the same students that are arriving on your campus right now.

  • Research, Marketing & Recruitment

    E-Expectations: Effective Recruiting Starts with Your College Website

    Colleges and universities invest heavily in student recruitment. But, with an ever expanding array of tools to reach teens – from email to apps to text messaging – schools have more options than ever. Fortunately, we have solid research on how students engage with higher education institutions in the digital realm. The verdict?

  • Research, Marketing & Recruitment

    E-Expectations: 5 Facts to Help Market to College-Bound Students

    College-bound students can be fickle – on Facebook one day and Snapchat the next. Abandoning email, and then getting back into it again. So, we surveyed 1,000 high school seniors about how they prefer to be reached online. This incredibly important data should be shared with everyone who is involved in developing and maintaining your college or university website.

  • Marketing & Recruitment

    Three Big Web Trends for Colleges in 2014

    Career College Central recently asked us about big web trends for colleges in 2014. This is a hot topic across higher ed, as educational institutions are being buffeted by rapid changes in technology that are transforming the way we work and communicate. OmniUpdate was a good match to talk about how institutions can keep up with these changes.

  • Marketing & Recruitment

    Tackling Higher Ed Digital Marketing Challenges

    Higher Education Marketing offers digital marketing services to higher education institutions, including analytics, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, website design, and branding. The company’s CEO Philippe Taza offers insight into the value that effective implementation and management of advanced digital marketing strategy and tactics can bring to higher ed institutions.

  • Content Management, Marketing & Recruitment

    Degree Web Pages: Making the Case for Value vs. Investment in Education

    mStoner is a brand and strategy organization offering expertise in higher ed web communication, design, and development. Their goal is to help their clients to motivate, communicate, and inspire. Doug Gapinski, strategist at mStoner, offers some great insight on the challenges faced by their clients and gives sound advice on where to focus your web efforts when making the case for value versus investment in education.


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