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  • Marketing & Recruitment, Technology & Development

    Introducing Email Campaign Manager

    We all know by now that email marketing is not dead. In fact, it is very much alive; however, in need of a makeover. We discovered this in the 2014 E-Expectations survey conducted with 1,000 college-bound high school students. The results showed that two-thirds of students said they check their email at least once a day using their mobile device! These are the same students that are arriving on your campus right now.

  • News & Events, Technology & Development

    2014 OmniUpdate Gadget Challenge [Infographic]

    If you’re an OU Campus user, you know by now that the 2014 OmniUpdate Gadget Challenge is already underway! Even as you read this, OU Campus enthusiasts all over the country are busy brainstorming the best gadgets possible. This is your chance to get involved, win free registration to OmniUpdate's annual User Training Conference, and earn recognition for yourself and your institution. So what are you waiting for?

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    E-Expectations: Have you Considered Your College Website's Mobile Audience?

    Mobile use is now the norm. Yet, many colleges and universities are still struggling to give mobile users an optimal experience. The 2014 E-Expectations Report, The Online Preferences of College-Bound High School Seniors and Their Parents reveals why that is both astounding and a cause for concern.

  • Technology & Development

    Tarrant County College Engages Students with a Mobile App

    Soon after the Tarrant County College web team launched a new website in 2009, students and administrators began asking, "Why isn't the site mobile-friendly?" Visits to the college's website from mobile devices shot up a whopping 16 percent in the eight-month period between August 2012 and March 2013. They weren't the only college in this situation.

  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    A Gadget to Call Your Own

    Gadgets are undoubtedly one of the more enjoyable and useful new features available in version 10 of OU Campus. They're easy to use and handy, as they provide OU Campus administrators and content contributors alike shortcuts for frequently used actions and some really cool new functionality. You can actually create your own gadgets that make use of OU Campus' web API.

  • Technology & Development, Content Management

    Diving into Version 10: Taking It Apart and Putting It Back Together

    After hands-on experience with the new version 10 of our web CMS, our customers left the 2014 OmniUpdate User Training conference feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take their web CMS experience to the next level. Version 10 of OU Campus is the biggest update to the product in company history and signifies the next generation in web CMS technology. Essentially, we rebuilt the product from the ground up, going through each layer and making it better.

  • Content Management, Technology & Development

    OU Campus Version 10 -
    A New Foundation for the Future

    Colleges and universities want the very best for their web content management system (CMS). They want next generation, best-of-breed, user-friendly, and extensible. Because of our focus is on how to better serve our favorite people (our customers working in higher education), we've worked feverishly to deliver OU Campus version 10. And, we were thrilled when it was released on December 30, 2013. Check out a summary of all the cool stuff that comes with version 10.0.


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