Accessing Analytics Right from OU Campus – It Matters!

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Accessing Analytics Right from OU Campus – It Matters!

Page Analytics

Over the summer, our CEO Lance Merker published a blog post introducing OmniUpdate’s new Google Analytics gadgets available in our web content management system, OU Campus. The gadgets enable users across the institution to see what’s happening on the website through our Site Analytics Gadget available right on their OU Campus dashboard. Users can also see visitor stats for an individual page with the Page Analytics Gadget through the handy gadget sidebar.

Then, we added social media analytics for posts that have been shared from OU Campus to social media networks Facebook and Twitter. Users can easily see how many likes, comments, and shares a post has collected without leaving OU Campus.

With these analytics gadgets, users are able to pull data for any period of time they wish to see. Metrics include visitors, new visitors, pageviews, exit rate, average time on page, visits by operating system, and much, much more.

The importance of these new features is underscored in this wonderful article: “Why Businesses Need to Shift Data Analysis from the Center to the Front Line,” by Roger Trapp.

Trapp interviews Jay Larson, chief executive of Birst, who finds that business analytics are often accessible only at the top of organizations, leaving others without data that can help guide their day-to-day decision-making:

"The biggest deficit in terms of data is probably not with the CEO. It’s probably with everybody else,” he says. As he explains, CEOs have the resources and the clout to ask any question they like and demand an answer… There is “a huge opportunity”, he adds, "to push business analytics out from the boardroom to the front line."

Most colleges and universities don’t call their leaders CEOs, but the message is the same – giving more people access to data can mean smarter decisions. With OmniUpdate’s analytics gadgets, OU Campus content contributors can see what’s working with their pages (and what’s not), and tweak and refine their content informed by the data now available to them.

Content contributors are typically highly vested in their departments and programs, and have an interest in improving content for their users. The ease of having these page and site gadgets directly in OU Campus versus having to go outside to Google Analytics or a social media network encourages more content contributors to utilize the information when they are in the act of editing a page. Plus, having granular information on visitor trends for individual web pages removes key barriers to data-driven decision-making across the institution.

Edit Google Analytics ViewAnd yet, administrators still have full control. Not only do OmniUpdate’s analytics gadgets allow administrators to maintain control of the actual Google Analytics and social network login information, but OmniUpdate takes it further with access controls. By setting up specific analytics views for the OU Campus account, admins can configure the specific data their users need. This provides users enough information to make well-informed edits without overwhelming them. OU Campus also lets admins limit which user groups have access to specific data views, so there is peace of mind knowing that users are exposed to only the most relevant analytics information they need.

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