Analytics Gadgets: Data at Your Fingertips

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Analytics Gadgets: Data at Your Fingertips

It's no secret that web analytics are the essential tool you need to unlock the mysteries of web visitors. Without analytics, you have little chance of understanding where visitors came from and what they are doing when they arrive. Without analytics, you have no real way of measuring your progress toward goals, or whether your content and architecture strategies are working or failing. Analytics are pure science: far more accurate than any survey or poll, analytics give you unbiased numbers that are extremely important in understanding how many people visit specific pages (or your entire site for that matter), how long they stayed, what they click on most (and least), what tends to be the last thing they look at before leaving your site, and so much more.

The convenience and power of Google Analytics is also no secret, which is why OmniUpdate developers spent so much time developing a way to beautifully integrate our OU Campus content management system (CMS) with the ubiquitous Google Analytics. We went to great lengths and incorporated our customer's suggestions to ensure a seamless integrated experience. We're very excited about what it means to all our OU Campus users.

For starters, there's a gadget that can be activated to give administrators site-wide Google Analytics directly in their Dashboard. The Site Analytics Gadget gives a bird's-eye view of visitor trends and site performance. The analytics are interactive and incredibly intuitive to use. Best of all, they are available directly in OU Campus, thereby eliminating the need to log in to a separate Google account - or request a report from someone else.

analytics dashboard

Then there's a gadget specifically for viewing page-level analytics. This gives users granular information on trends for the individual pages they are editing - as they are editing them! There's a variety of usage statistics available. The data shown in the Page Analytics Gadget is also completely interactive so users can drill deeper to see what's driving the basic metrics. Page-level analytics data can be used to track campaigns, do A/B testing, and more.

analytics page level zoom

The analytics user experience in OU Campus is natural and seamless. Administrators will appreciate the convenience of Dashboard access. The Page Analytics Gadget resides in the sidebar and displays up-to-date data on whatever page you're editing. Clicking on the gadget in the sidebar expands the view to bring up more detailed analytics, including beautifully designed graphs and charts.

So, dive in! Set up your Analytics Gadgets in version 10 and empower your team with real visitor insight. Understanding what your visitors are doing is the first step to making better content management decisions.

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Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

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