Captain's Log: Preparing to Energize Web Editors (Part 1 of 2)

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Captain's Log: Preparing to Energize Web Editors (Part 1 of 2)


“Have you updated your web pages today?” I’m told I ask this question a lot. Not that I bug people, but hey, I love my college’s website.

Typical replies:

  • I’m too busy... Can you just post this for me?
  • I can’t remember how to make a link to that place.

Or the dreaded, yes dreaded...

  • No one looks there anyway.

Seriously? Whatever the answer, I instinctively launch into Mothership mode. Yeah, The Mothership—my Star Trek euphemism for our college’s website.

It’s our base that leads, carries, and delivers vital information that our students, staff, and community expects—when they need it: 24/7, 365 days a year, without a vacation, coffee break, or sick day. It inspires confidence, is always well dressed, and has the potential to make or break a student’s decision on whether to enroll in classes. It’s there when offices are closed and phones are busy. It’s there for graveyard shift workers and early-risers. Whether you’re from Gen Z or the Silent Generation, it’s there for you, delivering information at warp speed.

If a website were a person, no college could afford to pay the salary. HR loves when I say that! The truth being, no human could do the job that a college or university website does.

So, why would staff be hesitant or scared to update it? Well, if your college is like ours, your budget’s been squeezed tighter than a kinked hose—tasked with upping the enrollment numbers while reducing spending. In other words, you have to do more with less. It’s a constant challenge. You couldn’t possibly take on one more task! Sound familiar?

That’s when a dedicated group of web editors become the crucial navigators of The Mothership. They help it deliver that vital information to the people who need it while saving time, creating efficiencies, and engaging stakeholders. They make it possible to do more with less. Your web editors run the show whether they realize it or not.

So, it's very important to energize your team because your college website needs to always be ready. Is every corner of The Mothership optimized and ready to perform at its best? At any moment, someone could come calling on a page. What if they stumble on one full of outdated information? They fly off into space, that's what.

Don't let them get away! The starship captain needs to keep his or her crew engaged and dedicated to the tasks at hand. Everyone has a specific role to keep it going. The Mothership won’t run otherwise!

Updating content isn’t a mundane task—it’s mission critical.

In my next blog post, I’ll share six ways to support and energize your web editors, turning the dreaded “no one looks there” reply into: “6,000 people saw the information I posted on the website last week!”

Marie Wise

About the Blogger

Marie Wise, APR, is Lower Columbia College’s Web Marketing & Communications Coordinator. With 15+ years of marketing and public relations experience in the local community, she is the college’s strongest advocate for maximizing the potential of the website. Recently, she began training and supporting the college’s group of web editors, who continue to be amazed at the efficiencies provided by OU Campus. When she’s not working, she can be found painting in her home studio overlooking the scenic Columbia River, taking walks with her golden retriever, or reading art history fiction on her eReader!

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