Diving into Version 10: Taking It Apart and Putting It Back Together

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Diving into Version 10: Taking It Apart and Putting It Back Together

Our 2014 OmniUpdate User Training Conference was truly a success. Record-breaking attendance, record-breaking number of sessions, and hands-on experience with the newly released version 10 of our web content management system, OU Campus™. Our customers left feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to take their web CMS experience to the next level.

Version 10 of OU Campus is the biggest update to the product in company history and signifies the next generation in web CMS technology. Version 10 represents the culmination of 3 years of development by OmniUpdate staff. Essentially, we rebuilt the product from the ground up, going through each layer of the product and making it better. Our plan was simple: Dramatically improve usability and development capabilities without drastically changing the user experience. We wanted to create an open-ended platform for the entire OU Campus community to build upon. With version 10, we achieved that and much more.

Our development team rebuilt the application layer, giving greater extensibility through APIs and allowing the user interface layer (which embraces HTML5) to be separated from the application layer.

OU Campus Layers

Web developers can now build their own apps and gadgets that integrate with OU Campus. In fact, some of our customers built new gadgets while at the conference! Several gadgets, which simplify everyday CMS tasks, are included such as easy URL shortening, page analytics, and code snippets. Plus, new drag-and-drop functionality makes it easier to upload files directly from the desktop, add images to a gallery, and move files from one location to another.

OU MashupThe announcement of OU Mashup™ was one of the conference highlights for me. This is a new module available through OU Campus that creates an interactive social media hub for your website. It pulls in your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media feeds and can be customized to include specific hashtags and more. We actually had a version of it on our conference mobile site, and our customer Cascadia Community College is currently using it on their site as well.

OU Campus version 10 provides our 45,000 users a fantastic platform to build and expand upon. We are so pleased and inspired by the enthusiastic response it received at the conference, and we look forward to all the great things our customers will do with OU Campus in 2014 and beyond!

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Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance has been President and CEO of OmniUpdate since 2001. His passion for OmniUpdate is infectious. It's that passion and his leadership power that has made OmniUpdate the market leader it is today. When Lance isn't leading the top higher education CMS family, he enjoys spearfishing and eating seafood – lobster is his favorite!

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