OmniUpdate Blog Ambassador Program Makes Its Debut

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OmniUpdate Blog Ambassador Program Makes Its Debut

Brandon AveryAs you can see, OmniUpdate finally launched a blog. Not that we haven't thought about it many times. But, other obligations always took priority. So, a big, virtual high-five of thanks to our web developer, Brandon Avery (the wizard), for getting it done!

Adding this blog was a development effort and reminded me of just how hard a web developer's job can be. Resources are tight. Timelines can be laughable. Specs like "make it blue and work like a blog" may often be all you get. But then the web developer enters into Zen mode. He takes what little information is available, hibernates in his workspace, fends off the crazies (like me), works his coding magic, and the phoenix rises. It's thrilling to see and hear about the final result!

We love to see and hear about your web-related stories too. We'd love to share with the world the remarkable things that you are doing at your institution. To give you a little incentive, we are introducing a Blog Ambassador Program.

Here's the deal. Anyone can contribute to our blog by visiting the contribute page and following the submission steps. But, if you agree in advance to write a post at least 4 times this year and your contributions are approved by us, we'll give you one free registration, including all workshops, to the 2015 User Training Conference. That's a value of nearly $1,500. It's that simple.

As a participant in the Blog Ambassador Program, you can talk about anything web-related. Share the great things you've accomplished with your website. Give kudos to your team members or institution for a job well done. Discuss your new design or best practice code ideas. Talk about that comical team brainstorming session that led to the golden idea, or that endless project that finally got finished with better-than-expected results. And don't worry about your writing style or grammar. Our marketing team can help you out with that. Just share your story and words of wisdom, and get to the 2015 User Training Conference for free.

Information on how to apply for the Blog Ambassador Program can be found on the home page of the OmniUpdate Community Network. Or, feel free to contact me and I will help you get started. Also, check out the video below to hear about the program from OmniUpdate CEO Lance Merker. Can't wait to hear your ideas!

Blog Ambassador Program

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