OmniUpdate Expands My Speaking Experience

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OmniUpdate Expands My Speaking Experience

As an OmniUpdate customer and active user of OU Campus, I've had the pleasure of sharing the success I've had with the product at various higher education conferences over the last two years. The subject I’ve presented on is “Control vs. Freedom: Balancing Editorial Freedom and Site-wide Consistency in a Faculty Website.” The presentation focuses on Wharton County Junior College’s experience creating a faculty website with the OU Campus web content management system (CMS), which grants our faculty the academic freedom to build their own web-based teaching tools.

Eric Li PosterAfter OU Campus was implemented in WCJC's Faculty website, we found that the standardized template with form-like regions made it so easy for us to control the look and feel of the website. Our faculty profiles pull data from a Microsoft Access database using ASP.NET and the content is easily edited in OU Campus. With the launch of the new WCJC Faculty website, we are now able to satisfy accessibility requirements and reduce man hours, as well as training and support costs. OU Campus resulted in better user satisfaction, improved website appeal for students and faculty, simplified website navigation, and provided a pleasant and consistent experience for website visitors.

Then, I did some research and found out that nobody has ever done a conference presentation on the use of CMS for Faculty Web pages. So, I thought, why not get out there and share my story with my higher ed peers? Rachelle Avery, Event & Promotion Specialist for OmniUpdate, has been so supportive and helpful to me. She sent me a list of conferences and even helped me refine my speaker proposal before submission. To date, I've been able to present at the following conferences: Learning Summit 2013 in Phoenix, EduWeb 2013 and Campus Technology 2014 in Boston, E-LEARN 2014 in New Orleans, and, most recently, the STEMtech 2014 Conference in Denver.

Not only have I been able to share my experience and insights with others, but it has also been a good opportunity for me to get more familiar with the OU Campus CMS. I had to gather screenshots for each important step in my presentation and dig out more information about the system in preparation for questions that my audience may raise. So it’s not only a learning process for my audience, but also for me. The feedback, comments, and suggestions from my audience prompt me to improve our WCJC users’ practice with OU Campus, too.

As we all know, attending appropriate conferences will help expose us to cutting edge technologies and therefore is a great professional development opportunity for us. With OmniUpdate's assistance, I was able to travel to some great conferences that I normally wouldn't be able to attend.

If you want to share your knowledge, story, experiences, or insights on how OU Campus helps you build a better website, ask OmniUpdate for help TODAY. Contact

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About the Blogger
Eric Li received his Master Degree from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is currently the webmaster and team leader for Wharton County Junior College’s CMS Project. He has worked in the design, development, and management of college websites for the last twelve years. Prior to accepting a position at WCJC, Eric worked as an Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University, where he published a number of articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and presented reports at various conferences on information technologies. In his free time, Eric enjoys traveling, gourmet food, as well as fine arts and photography.

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