OU Blogs Powered by OU Campus: Revitalized for the Digital Marketing Mission

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OU Blogs Powered by OU Campus: Revitalized for the Digital Marketing Mission

Last week OmniUpdate released a new module called OU Blogs. This module allows users to create and manage blogs within our web content management system, OU Campus.

In general, blogging can be a powerful marketing tool for our higher ed institutions. It can add authenticity to a brand; reach different audiences than a website; offer content that may not fit other communication vehicles (format or content-wise); and improve SEO by encouraging site crawling, content and link sharing, social media activity, and organic traffic. With the rise in importance of digital marketing, there are many new and valid reasons to spend time adding meaningful content to a college or university blog.

OmniUpdate BlogBut, blogs are not new, so why now? The release of OU Blogs was prompted by customers asking us for help, either in launching a new blog or replacing the blog functionality they already had in place. Customers would point to our website blog and ask for "that" and comment that it would be great to have "that" within the same interface as the CMS. So, OU Blogs was born.

The launch of OU Blogs means that OmniUpdate will help our customers implement their optimized subsites and templates, and we will customize the blog to fit the needs of each institution. Customers can also take advantage of the OU Campus features they already know and love, such as:

  • Workflow and approval processes
  • Permission settings
  • Scheduled or instant publishing
  • Site and page-level analytics
  • MultiEdit, Final Check, and Archiving

Additionally, we have created some functionality specifically for blogs:

  • A listing page that aggregates posts for easy viewing
  • Featured posts, so customers can choose what to highlight
  • Comments sections
  • Tailored meta-data
  • Content tags or category designation
  • RSS display feed option
  • Sharing buttons

As always, our top-notch support team will be available to help customers with any questions they have.

OmniUpdate has a lot of great partners that understand the digital marketing mission of colleges and universities. They can help with blog design, content, and strategy. Check out a few of their articles here:

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For questions about OU Blogs, contact marketing@omniupdate.com

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