Snippets Gadget: Inserting Pre-Defined Content with Ease

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Snippets Gadget: Inserting Pre-Defined Content with Ease

Snippets GadgetSnippets are pre-defined content (e.g., table, form, image with caption) that users can insert on a page in OU Campus. The information becomes part of the page, so the content can be edited and will be unique to that page. And now, inserting these snippets just got a whole lot easier with the Snippets Gadget in version 10. The Snippets Gadget is a sidebar tool that you can use to drag and drop the pre-formatted content onto a page. Snippets can be added to an editable region within the WYSIWYG Editor and while editing within the Source Editor.

The Snippets Gadget helps streamline the editing process. And anything that makes life easier is a good thing. The gadget is a great example of how mighty "small" can be. It seems really simple, and it is really easy to use, but it also provides several practical uses:

  • You can easily view all of the available snippets;
  • You can view a shorter list based on snippet category;
  • You can preview a snippet by clicking on its title;
  • You can insert a snippet onto a page by double-clicking the title;
  • And, of course, the biggie… you can simply drag and drop a snippet onto a page.

In order for snippets to be available within the Snippets Gadget, they must be first created and set up by an OU Campus administrator. Snippet files should be HTML- or text-based, and snippets intended for use within the WYSIWYG Editor should not contain client-side or server-side code (use Assets if you plan to include non-HTML code). Once the snippet is inserted onto a page, you can edit the content without affecting the original snippet. Likewise, editing the original snippet file does not affect any content previously inserted via a snippet.

To see the Snippets Gadget, simply edit any page and open the Gadgets sidebar. The Snippets Gadget is only displayed upon opening an editable region in the WYSIWYG Editor or when editing the page within the Source Editor.

If you have the proper permissions, you can also view the underlying markup of the snippet from the preview. This functionality, like the Source Editor, is available based on each user's settings. You can also insert the snippet from preview.

Snippets Gadget

The Snippets Gadget allows you to search for snippets or filter by category, such as Forms or Tables. This can be helpful if your site happens to have an abundance of snippets.

There's more great information about creating and using snippets on our Support Site.

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