#heweb Is Not Just a Conference, It’s a Community

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#heweb Is Not Just a Conference, It’s a Community

There are so many reasons I love HighEdWeb. Spending time with our fabulous customers is on the top of the list. You may have seen me in the hallway when I spotted one of them. I'm sure it looked something like this...


And that happened every single time I ran into them. Sorry @donnatalarico for freaking out each time I saw you in the elevator... I just can't hold back the excitement.

HighEdWeb is also a great place to meet new people who face similar situations and battle similar obstacles. I'll never forget the loud exclamation in the hallways in Buffalo at #heweb13: "These are my people!!" It's true. There is a strong bond that connects everyone at HighEdWeb, and it's a bond that stays in place long after the conference ends.

catsThere is something extremely special about this group of people. Being a part of higher education, they must constantly endure budget constraints, staff limitations, and political restrictions. Yet, they forge forward in order to improve their institution's digital presence and to give hundreds of thousands of visitors a better web experience. These people are problem solvers. They are empathetic. They are tactful. They are passionate. And... they like cat photos.

HighEdWeb not only gives us a platform to share tips, tricks, and strategies with one another, but it is also the catalyst that sparks friendships and partnerships that last throughout the years. It's a community full of unwavering support rather than cutthroat competition. And I must say, I am incredibly happy to be part of this wonderful group of fun-loving, beer-drinking, karaoke-ing geeks.

Dance Machine This is actual footage of our customer and dear friend @EdmondGPuckett, who will now be referred to as the "Dance Machine."

Congrats again to our Apple Watch winner @karamat and to our Bessie the Cow photo contest winner @mlawrencini. You two are #udderlyawesome! And thanks to Higher Ed Live and mStoner for allowing us to be a part of the After Dark party. Good times were had by all.

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