New in OU Campus: Quick Publish Gadget and Updated Workflow

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New in OU Campus: Quick Publish Gadget and Updated Workflow

We get excited around here when new versions of our OU Campus™ content management system are released. Version 10.3.2, released on October 29, is no exception! The highlights from this update are the new Quick Publish Gadget and an improved user interface for workflow.

Quick Publish Gadget

Quick Publish GadgetSometimes when you just need to do a quick change on a page, going through all the steps of editing, saving, checking, and publishing can be a bit too much. Well, now we’ve got a gadget that simplifies the whole process! The Quick Publish Gadget, accessible via the sidebar when editing, lets you save and publish a page in just one click. You can still add a version description and choose a publish target, but all those other in-between steps have been smoothed out of the process.

Since the Quick Publish Gadget is brand new, it first needs to be installed by CMS administrators via OU Marketplace™ (Add-Ons menu), and then enabled by users in the gadgets sidebar. Administrators can set access settings, display options, and more. We’ve got detailed instructions on the Support Site, but really, it’s about as simple as using the gadget itself.

New Workflow Interface

The OU Campus workflow we all know and love has gotten a little makeover to keep it streamlined. Now, instead of an individual message for each time a page gets sent to a user, all messages and actions for a page are condensed into one item that you can expand (much like how the Workflow Gadget functions).


We’ve also added the distinction between public and private messages. Public messages can be seen by anyone in the workflow, but private messages are visible to only the sender and recipient. For example, let’s say Tony has made some changes to a page and sent the page to his approver, Steve, for publication. But when Steve gets the page, he realizes the changes may not be correct. Steve can send the page as a private message over to Natasha and ask her opinion on it before getting back to Tony. Handy, right? Public and private messages are now a feature in the Workflow Gadget, too.

Another element of the new workflow is how clearing out old messages works. Now instead of globally deleting items, you can archive them on a per-user basis. If one user archives an item, it’s still visible to everyone else in the workflow. However, if everyone in the workflow archives the item, it’ll be stored on the servers for a few years before being deleted permanently.

We think you’re going to love these new features. We encourage your feedback!

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Rich is a California native with a lifelong love for technology. He has over 15 years of business development and web experience, building several web applications and businesses from the ground up. Now, he's a Sales Engineer at OmniUpdate, assisting the sales and marketing team with demonstrating technical aspects of OU Campus to prospective and current customers. Besides being immersed in technology, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reading and hiking.

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