Get an In-Depth Look at Your Website’s Health with OU Insights

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Get an In-Depth Look at Your Website’s Health with OU Insights

404 ErrorWhen you only have a matter of seconds to shape the first impression of your website visitors, maximizing your website's appeal becomes paramount. If your website has spelling errors or broken links, that poor first impression will reflect on your institution's reputation. Worse yet, what if your website isn't even seen because weak SEO tactics reduce visibility in search engine results? And even worse, what if you run into legal ramifications for not complying with accessibility guidelines? Ouch.

It is now easier than ever to monitor and improve your website's wellness with our latest module, OU Insights. OU Insights continually reports on four core areas of your website's health: SEO, accessibility, links, and spelling. As an OU Campus user, you can still check for accessibility, link, and spelling issues when you publish a page, but with OU Insights, you can continually audit these areas across your entire site without publishing individual pages.

The best part? OU Insights directly integrates with OU Campus, so you don't have to leave the CMS to fix problems reported by the tool. Recommended actions and drill-down capabilities make the fix-it process seamless. For instance, from the Known Problems Report for accessibility, you can click on "Edit Page" to immediately fix the problem. No navigating out of the tool and logging into another system. It's all built right in.

OU Insights Known Problems Report

OU Insights scans any file that is able to parse HTML, and you get to decide what you want scanned. Subdomains and landing pages can be included or excluded from a scan. Once a scan completes, you will receive an email with a link directly to the report.

OU Insights provides site-wide reports that give a comprehensive assessment of your website as well as overall scores for SEO, accessibility, links, and spelling. Site scores are calculated on a scale from 0 to 100, and the score history allows you to see progress over time. Page-level reports highlight page-specific areas of concern and include additional details such as version, version comments, last published, approver, and more.

The Share Reports feature is a must-have for OU Campus administrators. As an administrator, you can opt to share a report for the entire site, or you can send a specific report to individual users. Is your Admissions team not on the ball with page metadata for SEO? Send them the Missing Titles or Duplicate Descriptions Report and get them involved in the fix-it process.

OU Insights gives you the resources you need to make the most of your website visitors' user experience. Why risk legal ramifications and poor first impressions? Take your website's health into your own hands.

Want to learn more? Let us know! And don't miss out on 20% off the first year of OU Insights (offer expires August 31, 2016).

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