New in OU Campus: Gadgets, Tag Management, Mobile Administration, and More

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New in OU Campus: Gadgets, Tag Management, Mobile Administration, and More

Spring has sprung a little early here at OmniUpdate with the release of OU Campus version 10.4. Releasing in the coming weeks, this update includes enhancements to LDP Forms, a Tag Management feature, and two new gadgets that will enrich the user experience. Plus, we also are releasing OU Campus™ for Mobile, giving users administrative and workflow functionality on the go.

LDP Forms Enhancements

The enhancements to LDP Forms not only improve the OU Campus user experience, they make it better for those completing your forms too. Updates comprise two new form element types, including a new date/time picker, plus the option for CAPTCHA, an advanced field for form customization, a URL redirect option upon form submission, and much more. We’ve also made it easier for users to add all submitted form values within email messages.


Tag Management

Tag Management is an exciting new feature that allows users to tag content within the CMS, enhancing the content search and repurposing capabilities of OU Campus. Users can apply tags to files (pages, images, documents, and other binaries), folders, assets, and RSS items. Tag Management provides administrators with a simple interface to manage and determine the availability of tags applied to content. Administrators can automatically apply tags to all content within a folder or limit the selection of tags on a per-folder basis. Tags are account-wide and available for all sites.


Notes Gadget

Accessed via the Gadgets sidebar, the Notes Gadget is a useful tool that allows OU Campus users to add public or private notes to any file (pages and binaries) or asset within the site. All public notes are available for viewing by other users that have access to the file or asset. Otherwise, users can create private notes for their own viewing. In addition, users can filter notes based on a date range, as well as edit and delete their own notes at any time.


Bookmarks Gadget

Also accessed via the Gadgets sidebar, the Bookmarks Gadget provides users with quick access to their most visited locations in OU Campus. Bookmark files, assets, custom reports, and much more. Bookmarks are searchable and can be organized in folders, plus reordered via drag-and-drop functionality. Need to run certain Custom Reports often? Just bookmark the results and your report will be run each time you access the bookmark, ensuring that your settings are remembered and you’ve always got up-to-date results.


OU Campus™ for Mobile
Released alongside version 10.4, OU Campus™ for Mobile allows for on-the-go access to workflow, messaging, reports, and user management. Mobile users can approve content for publishing, decline or reassign content, check their inbox and reply to messages, see what content is checked out, pending approval, recently published, and so much more. OU Campus™ for Mobile makes it simple to manage your website from anywhere at any time.

mobile mobile-2

For more information on version 10.4, check out our recorded January Training Tuesday and our FAQs page on the Support Site.

We can’t wait for you to start using these new features and gadgets!

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Rich Paul

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Rich is a California native with a lifelong love for technology. He has over 15 years of business development and web experience, building several web applications and businesses from the ground up. Now, he's a Sales Engineer at OmniUpdate, assisting the sales and marketing team with demonstrating technical aspects of OU Campus to prospective and current customers. Besides being immersed in technology, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, as well as reading and hiking.

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