#OUTC16 Spotlight: Workshops

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#OUTC16 Spotlight: Workshops

The 2016 OmniUpdate User Training Conference (OUTC16) is right around the corner, and we are counting down the time until we see our fabulous customers. And I mean literally counting… down to the second!

Since our early-bird registration deadline is quickly approaching, I know many of you are trying to decide which workshops to take. With so many great options, how do you choose? Luckily, we created tracks to help you build your schedule. Don’t worry, there is no need to stick to one track. If a sampler package fits your needs, go for it! Just keep in mind, some workshops require previous knowledge or a pre-requisite course. If you’d like to learn which track suits you best, read on!

Non-Technical Beginner: The OU Campus newbie who wants to become an OU Campus expert

This track is perfect for new users looking to familiarize themselves with OU Campus. It’s also ideal for skilled pros looking for ways to streamline use of the platform. You’ll receive end-user and administrator training with a special emphasis on access and workflow capabilities. This track also includes an overview of page template components, so you can understand the process without delving into the technical side. For those who train users on OU Campus, there’s also a workshop that shows how to develop a training program for your institution. For a thorough introduction to OU Campus, choose the Non-Technical Beginner track.

Technical Beginner: The OU Campus expert who wants to dabble with web development

Experienced admins who want to start using intermediate features of our CMS will benefit from this track. Workshops in the Technical Beginner track focus on advanced OU Campus functionalities, such as reusable content, tagged content, and responsive design. Using basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, you will learn how to build templates, so your users can generate files and sections that abide by specific rules. Choose workshops in this track to learn how to do more with OU Campus than you thought possible.

Technical Intermediate: The seasoned pro who wants to dive head first into web development

Workshops in this track are geared toward web developers looking to dig deeper into the coding of pages and files. You will gain greater insight into XSL, the programming language used in OU Campus. After learning all about the language itself, you’ll learn how to use it to gain greater control over your OU Campus template development. To get into the nitty-gritty of XSL, attend the training workshops in the Technical Intermediate track.

Technical Advanced: The coding superstar who wants to take web development to the next level

This track is for XSL pros who want to further their knowledge of advanced XSL concepts. There’s so much you can do using XSL and XML — you can apply and match templates, simplify the editing experience for complex outputs, create table transformations… the list goes on and on! Workshops in this track also include topics such as APIs and server-side scripting. The Technical Advanced track will help you leverage the flexibility and power of OU Campus and programming languages.

No matter which track you choose, you will return home with a wealth of knowledge that you can implement right away! If you have any specific questions about the workshops, just let us know. We are so excited to see you in...

Stay tuned for more posts in our #OUTC16 Spotlight series.

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