OU Campus’ Analytics Gadgets Make Your Job Easier

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OU Campus’ Analytics Gadgets Make Your Job Easier

analyticsHow do visitors get to your website?

What do they do once there?

Answering these two questions provides your website’s raison d’etre and gives you an opportunity to measure your progress toward goals.

The best way to find the answers is with analytics. Analytics provide quantitative data, or accurate numbers for understanding how many people visited specific web pages, how long they stayed, what they clicked on the most (and least), what page is the last they reviewed before leaving your site, and more.

The Site Analytics Gadget in OU Campus integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics, giving your web content management system (CMS) users this important information directly in their Dashboard. Interactive and intuitive, the Site Analytics Gadget provides a quick view of visitor trends and overall site performance. Best of all, it eliminates the need to log in to a separate Google account.

The Page Analytics Gadget complements data reportage with trends for individual pages—even as your CMS users are editing them. A variety of usage statistics are available so that users can track campaigns, do A/B testing, and research deeper to see what drives the page’s basic metrics. This gadget is found on the OU Campus sidebar and displays up-to-date information on whatever page is being edited.

Together, these powerful tools can help you measure results to improve content and drive traffic to your site.

See these gadgets and others in action below:

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