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How to Avoid Careless Mistakes and Accessibility Compliance Issues

web publishing checksAccessibility is no longer an afterthought in creating a website: It is an essential component in website design. As OmniUpdate’s Rich Paul points out in a prior blog post, one-sixth of Americans have a disability. If your website does not meet the standards of accessibility regulations and recommendations, you won’t effectively reach the 57 million people who may have a disability that inhibits their ability to access all of the content on your site, whether videos with no captioning or color contrast that makes it difficult to read.

Because OmniUpdate’s sole purpose is to help our customers do their jobs easier and effortlessly, our web content management system (CMS), OU Campus, includes a free Final Check tool to assist in the accessibility review process. Before publishing a page in OU Campus, the Final Check tool runs a W3C validation along with an accessibility compliance check to highlight any accessibility issues that need immediate repair—including code-level accessibility issues. As an OU Campus administrator, you also have the option to show “likely” and “potential” problems, in addition to “known” problems.

accessibility check toolAnd that’s not all. Final Check performs additional quality assurance tests like spell check and link checking on a page before publishing. An administrator can configure the options to run automatically when an OU Campus user publishes a page. And even if Final Check is not configured to run automatically at the time of publish, the account can be configured so that a user may manually run any enabled checks.

Would you like to see how your website fares? Request a free accessibility scan below, complete with results.

Request free accessibility scan

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