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Choosing the Best Education-Focused CMS

pencil pointing to bright lightbulbWhich CMS Is Best for Higher Ed Customers Like You?

Our customers tell us the #1 reason they select OU Campus as their web content management system (CMS) platform of choice is because of our specialization in higher education. There are dozens of CMS vendors competing in multiple markets with generic CMS products, but OmniUpdate made a strategic decision years ago to focus exclusively on customers in higher education—customers just like you.

Since then, we have worked hard to refine OU Campus so that it’s the best CMS available to marketing, communications, and web professionals who work at colleges and universities. Most importantly, our product roadmap is driven solely by higher education. It’s the way we’ve always done business, which gives us a track record and expertise in the higher ed market that no other CMS vendor can match.

What does this mean for you?

Following are five ways that our focus on higher education makes your job easier:

  1. OU Campus evolves as the needs of higher education evolves.
    Our CMS is built with detailed feedback from our higher ed customers based on the specific strategic goals you share as well. Both small and large changes to our CMS are made in anticipation and response to the trends, regulations, and needs of colleges and universities. For example, the Accessibility Check feature in OU Campus was integrated into the CMS specifically to help colleges and universities identify issues in conflict with website accessibility standards. Our CMS is filled with such specialized features.

  2. We understand the higher ed ecosystem.
    Higher ed has very specific nuances, technology requirements, government regulations, and customer needs. We listen, and we help our customers navigate these challenges every day. We’ve also built deep partner relationships with a variety of higher ed specific design and technical solutions providers to add even more value. We even offer specialized products from third-party partners at special rates to our customers through a product integrated marketplace for one-stop convenience.

  3. To enhance your core CMS benefits, we provide seamless integration with functionality unique to higher ed.
    OU Campus integrates seamlessly with leading student information systems and offers a suite of modules such as a course catalog and faculty directory designed specifically for our higher ed customers. Other vendors that offer solutions to corporate clients and other industry verticals typically offer very generic solutions to these critical needs.

  4. Our SaaS CMS saves you money, keeps your system updated, and eliminates the complexities of integration that come with self-hosting. 
    Initial costs are much lower with a cloud-based setup, not to mention the long-term savings in hard costs and IT resources. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) CMS provides a significantly shorter implementation time, seamless hands-free upgrades ensuring you’re always on the latest version, and rapid scaling when you need it most, plus it makes it easy to access other services and connection points in the cloud. We helped pioneer cloud-based enterprise systems in the late 1990s, and it has proven to be exceptionally beneficial to our customers.

  5. We understand that your website is your institution’s most valuable marketing and communication asset. 
    Prospective students use your website more than any other way to connect and learn about your institution. When you partner with OmniUpdate, you have access to the latest tools and techniques customized to meet the unique marketing and communication needs of higher education. OU Campus was built from the ground up to allow higher ed marketing professionals to maintain firm control over the message that’s so critical to attracting and retaining students.

I love hearing stories from our customers about how OU Campus has helped their colleges and universities fulfill their goals. If you have a story to share, or if you are ready to begin your own story using OU Campus, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

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Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance has been President and CEO of OmniUpdate since 2001. His passion for OmniUpdate is infectious. It's that passion and his leadership power that has made OmniUpdate the market leader it is today. When Lance isn't leading the top higher education CMS family, he enjoys spearfishing and eating seafood – lobster is his favorite!

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