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CMS Evaluation Checklist

checklistSo many decisions, so little time—that’s how most higher ed professionals feel when charged with the added responsibility of evaluating, purchasing, and implementing a new content management system (CMS).

Instead of being overwhelmed, use the detailed evaluation checklist in our guide Choosing the Right Campus CMS to make sure you ask pointed questions to help you evaluate the widely varied content management systems on the market. Our checklist divides questions into the following sections:

  • Hosting and Deployment considers how your CMS will be hosted and addresses content migration.
  • Authoring and Editing reviews the types of tools available to content contributors in creating, formatting, and editing content and graphics site-wide.
  • Search Engine Optimization lists elements needed for increasing your site’s visibility on the internet.
  • Publishing Workflows details features to help you monitor workflow and content.
  • User Management explores options for access and privileges.
  • Development prompts questions regarding tools to empower your development team.
  • Modules outlines attractive add-on capabilities for enhancing your web presence.
  • Integrations includes factors to consider when connecting the CMS with existing and future systems.
  • Support and Training highlights suggested services and resources that CMS providers should offer.

Evaluating the array of CMS features on the market as well as the range of CMS providers is an important step in narrowing your decision. Your completed checklist will help you move to the final phase of choosing a CMS: Finding the right CMS partner.

The evaluation checklist is only one part of our comprehensive white paper titled Choosing the Right Campus CMS: A Guide to Process, Platforms, and Potential for Higher Education.

Download complete guide

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Court Campion

Director of Marketing

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