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Common Website Accessibility Issues and How to Solve Them

three people touching lightbulbsStaying compliant with accessibility regulations is a full-time job. Unfortunately, if you are a web developer or marketing professional and in charge of your school’s online presence, you are juggling many other responsibilities. Maybe it’s time to get a web content management system (CMS) that will do some of the work for you.

OmniUpdate’s OU Campus CMS is designed to address higher education’s accessibility issues. Our CMS has an accessibility check built into the system, meaning that you have the authority to set parameters that prevent your content contributors from publishing a page unless it meets your preset accessibility requirements.

“Ensuring that your website is compliant with any web standard not only provides a better experience for impaired users, it makes it better for everyone,” said Nicole Conary, OmniUpdate’s User Experience Design Engineer, in a post about accessibility compliance.

Following are common accessibility issues and the solutions you will find built into OU Campus.

Issue: Improper header nesting

Solution: OU Campus has multiple tools to check and enforce proper header nesting (H1, H2, etc.), which not only addresses accessibility, but helps with SEO.

Issue: Compliance is not enforced

Solution: OU Campus templates are made compliant at the time of implementation, and OU Campus has the tools to enforce and maintain compliance moving forward.

Issue: Accessibility improvements are made on a page-by-page basis instead of across site

Solution: Because content and design are separated in OU Campus, any change you make to a template is made universally throughout your site, saving you hundreds of hours fixing accessibility issues on each page.

Issue: Content contributors are not notified about accessibility requirement updates

Solution: OU Campus allows you to automatically update to new guidelines when they become available.

Issue: Alt tags for images are missing

Solution: OU Campus requires users to enter alt text on images.

Curious to see how your site stacks up? Request a free website accessibility check today.

Request free accessibility check

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