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Here’s Why You Should Consider SaaS for Your CMS

cloud computingOmniUpdate is a pioneer in software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology. Our OU Campus web content management system (CMS) was the first cloud-based CMS in higher education. Today, nearly 85% of our customers choose SaaS—we have more SaaS customers than any other CMS in the higher ed market.

We continue to offer self-hosted deployments for institutions that prefer to manage their own hardware, operating systems, servers, and networking. But we recommend that every customer consider SaaS. Here’s why:

It contributes to overall data consolidation: Colleges and universities looking to cut hardware and support costs are decommissioning servers, consolidating datacenters, and moving systems to the cloud wherever feasible. Moving your CMS off campus supports this larger goal and just makes sense. Iin most cases, there’s absolutely no need to keep hosting and supporting your CMS yourself.

It lets you focus on IT projects that really need your attention: Adopting SaaS for your CMS can take a big chunk of work off your IT team’s plate, freeing time for innovation and more pressing needs. This can include ongoing web development—we see web teams build custom OU Campus modules or integrations once they’re no longer responsible for day-to-day system maintenance.

It ensures you get the latest updates and patches: With SaaS, we push new releases, upgrades, and security patches automatically. We actively monitor for bugs and vulnerabilities and make fixes fast. 

It doesn’t mean sacrificing flexibility and customization: SaaS platforms have a reputation for being inflexible, but every OU Campus deployment is designed to order. We configure the modules you choose, integrate with other systems hosted on campus or in the cloud, and offer a CMS that meets your specific campus needs.

It’s reliable: We’re proud of our uptime. OU Campus SaaS customers frequently report that their sites become more stable once they move to our solution. They can handle the traffic spikes that tend to accompany big news announcements, aggressive marketing campaigns, or campus emergencies.

It’s secure: Naturally, system and data security are the top concern for most of our customers. Like every other facet of OU Campus, our security features are designed with common higher education needs—protecting student information, for example—in mind. We encrypt data transmissions between your campus and our servers using SFTP and SSL. You can continue to store sensitive data on campus systems—OU Campus can retrieve it as needed using secure connections.

It’s scalable: We support sites for institutions of all sizes and can grow as you add pages or subsites, web contributors, supported channels, and traffic.

It’s economical: All of this can add up to savings as you slash hardware budgets and more efficiently deploy your IT staff. We can help you run the numbers and compare different scenarios.

If you choose self-hosting, OU Campus runs on any major server, publishes to any web server via FTP/SFTP, and supports all major operating systems and server-side languages.

Even if you’re confident you need a campus-based deployment, we encourage you to give SaaS a close look. We’ve worked with plenty of customers who were set on self-hosting, but found that SaaS makes sense. Whichever way you go, you get a powerful, full-featured CMS that’ll take your site to the next level.

See some of those features in action.

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Court Campion

Director of Marketing

Court has over a decade of award-winning digital marketing, creative management, social media, and strategic ideation expertise and has worked with small to global agencies and large celebrity brands. He understands the needs of the information age and attacks problems from unseen angles to deliver results that matter. When he isn’t online, he spends his time devouring media and curating his growing art collection.

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