Global Search for OU Campus

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Global Search for OU Campus

searching through magnifying glassI’ll be honest — Global Search, the newest feature in OU Campus, is one of the most exciting features I’ve worked on because of the value it brings to every OU Campus user. And the inspiration for this feature came from our users.

At OmniUpdate, we strongly believe in listening to our users and understanding the core goals our users want to achieve. This is reflected in our UX Feedback Program, where we constantly engage in feedback sessions and solicit comments and suggestions from our members. We set out to make tasks as easy as possible by finding the fastest and smoothest paths available; and as a result, Global Search was brought to life because the feedback emphasized a growing problem — not all users are familiar with navigating the structure of a website.

And that’s totally understandable.

An owner or administrator of a website knows the in’s and out’s of every file and folder that exists. Because of their everyday involvement with the information architecture and best practices for organizing content of a website, they are able to answer “where is that file?” without hesitation. They are the go-to for anything related to the website.

But for professors that edit their office hours on the department web page every semester, they might as well be traveling to a new city without directions to their destination. But they know their ultimate end goal: the destination.

What if you could skip the journey and get to your destination?

Global Search solves this issue because it doesn’t require knowledge of navigating the website’s structure. It only requires general knowledge of the content or item you want to find such as:

  • The title of a file
  • The name of a person
  • That one file that talked about “bakery science” (This is a real degree!)
Quickly find what you need and complete your task.

Global Search is accessible anywhere in OU Campus at any time from the main navigation. This feature lets you jump straight to the content of interest and begin your task. In addition, we extended Global Search beyond files and folders to work OU Campus-wide where, for instance, administrators will have fast access to areas like users and groups.

Moving forward, we’ll be adding more and more searchable content as development gets underway on new features and enhancements. These features and enhancements will take advantage of Global Search’s capabilities to make it faster, easier, and more convenient to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Would you like to see other OU Campus features in action? Check out our Product page.

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Nicole Conary

User Experience Design Engineer

Nicole has a lifelong love of technology and is always looking for ways to make products easier to use. With degrees in English (Cal Poly, SLO) and Computer Science (CSUCI), she got her start in Marketing at OmniUpdate and has since found her niche on the Development team as a User Experience Design Engineer. As a Ventura County, California native, Nicole enjoys being with family and friends, playing video games, rooting for the LA Kings (Go Kings Go!), plotting ways to own a Tesla, and a good glass of wine.

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