Implementation 101: Success with OU Campus

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Implementation 101: Success with OU Campus

new customer document with shaking handsYou’ve signed on as a new OU Campus customer—now what? Here at OmniUpdate, we work hard from the beginning of every project to anticipate everything you might need along the way for a smooth implementation. Being proactive in creating a successful customer journey helps us build momentum as we work so that our customers finish strong.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Outline the customer journey. When you sign on as a customer, we’ll have a kickoff meeting to introduce you to your OmniUpdate team. We’ll review the project objectives and scope, any dependencies and exclusions, and discuss tried-and-true factors for a successful implementation. We will also lay out the next steps. This is a great time to ask as many questions as you’d like.

  • Identify deliverables and specifications. The first rule of design is “form follows function.” A website design that looks great but doesn’t work is frustrating and costly. If you are embarking on a redesign project, our technologists can guide you through the specifications needed for your website design before you start to ensure it functions properly in OU Campus. As you build your design, you can also check in with us anytime if you have questions.

  • Deliverables given to OmniUpdate. Upon receipt of your design files, we confirm the accessibility and validation of your HTML, scripts, and support files to make sure all functionality is in place and expected behaviors for web pages are outlined. This includes the functional specifications for each of your layouts.

  • Orientation training. An orientation session is offered each month and gives you a general overview of OU Campus and all the features and modules available. If you have staff who can’t make any of the orientation sessions, we offer a video you can share.

  • OU Campus setup and implementation. If you are a SaaS customer, this is our “connect-the-dots” phase before we begin site development. Do your servers communicate with our servers? Do our files work upon publication? Clearing up these technical issues beforehand makes the overall implementation much smoother.

  • Migrating content. If all concerns from previous steps are addressed, migrating should be a smooth process. And because our technologists have executed hundreds of migrations, we have solved just about every issue prior, which makes it much easier and faster for us to eliminate migration problems.

  • OU Campus training. This is an exciting step—training on your very own templates! Our training is customized so that you understand the specifics of your templates and how they work.

  • Transition to support. In prior steps, you are working with a small team of OU Campus experts to ensure a smooth implementation. As you transition, your OU Campus family grows. Now, you’ll have a larger support team at your fingertips to hold your hand if needed as you get OU Campus fully deployed.

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