Never Lose Work with Versions in OU Campus

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Never Lose Work with Versions in OU Campus

two men trying to turn back time on a clockThere is a sinking feeling that sometimes comes from working with web pages. You know the one—it’s when you’ve made changes to a page and pressed “Publish”—only to realize that the information you posted is incorrect.

Thankfully, OU Campus web content management system (CMS) users can rely on a built-in tool called Versions, which allows you to restore or revert back to an earlier version of the page’s content when needed. In fact, OU Campus automatically saves a version of the page every time you publish, in addition to any manually saved versions during your editing process. The best news is that you don’t have to think about versioning when publishing your web page—it’s done for you—and there’s no limit on the number of versions the CMS keeps.

Versions can save you a lot of time and effort when a mistake occurs. It is also a handy tool to use when you need to compare and view changes to a web page. For example, in the past, you might have received edits to approve but weren’t sure what changed. With OU Campus Versions, you can compare the edits against the live site and visually see the changes.

Versions compare feature in OU Campus CMS
Versions compare feature in OU Campus

To revert to a previously saved version, check out a page and navigate to the Versions view.When you find the version you want, simply select it and click “Revert” and republish the page to make it viewable on the live website.

Versions is just another built-in tool in OU Campus designed to make your job easier. To learn about other OU Campus features, visit our Product page.

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