SEO for College Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

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SEO for College Websites [INFOGRAPHIC]

Get on prospective students’ radars by optimizing your website.

Accessibility, interactive forms, virtual tours, video testimonials... Just when you think you can’t juggle another request concerning your college or university’s website, your boss asks you about “SEO.”

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around as long as Google. However, the technique is getting more attention these days as institutions try to figure out how to maximize their limited marketing dollars to attract more prospective students to their schools.

OmniUpdate is here to help. Like you, we are always looking for ways to boost our website traffic, and we thought we would share what we’ve learned with our friends in higher ed.

Optimize Your Website: A Guide for Higher Ed

We created the nifty infographic below based on a webcast presented by Matt Herzberger, a digital strategist with OmniUpdate partner Ruffalo Noel Levitz. Matt breaks down SEO and information architecture (IA) into understandable concepts that can be easily applied to your website’s content. Best of all, he outlines tried-and-true sales practices so that website administrators understand how to nudge visitors down the path that they want them to go.

SEO concept infographic


Download your copy of the Optimize Your Website: A Guide for Higher Ed infographic today.

Download infographic

Ready to learn more about SEO and IA? Check out Matt’s webcast on Optimizing Information Architecture for Recruitment Efforts.

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