OU Campus Snippets Enhancements

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OU Campus Snippets Enhancements

puzzle piecesAsk OU Campus users about their favorite feature and they will probably mention Snippets. Snippets are a type of reusable content that serve as a starting point for users to quickly add and edit content to a web page while maintaining design consistency.

Developers generate the underlying code for Snippets, allowing any user to add and personalize complex HTML content on any page without exposure to the code itself. Snippets can be buttons, quotes, stylized images with descriptions, videos, and more. As a content editor, a snippet is simply added to a web page through the WYSIWYG Editor and personalized by adjusting the placeholder text. And now, with the release of OU Campus version 10.8, Snippets are even better!

"The enhancements to Snippets were requested by our users and are a good example of how we listen to our customers to improve OU Campus,” said Shahab Lashkari, OmniUpdate Director of Product Development. “With the release of version 10.8, we added new capabilities that make it easier for CMS administrators to create and manage Snippets, which, in turn, makes the user experience easier and more efficient for content editors."

The Snippet Enhancements video below highlights improvements to the gadget:

A few more tips:

  • Administrators can make Snippets available account-wide or on a site-by-site basis.
  • Administrators can determine availability to a specific group of users.
  • Users can insert a snippet inside of a snippet for formatting purposes.
  • Unlike Assets, where changes are updated to all subscribing pages as edits are made, editing a snippet will not affect pages where the snippet has already been placed. It will only affect pages where the snippet is placed going forward.

Learn more in our comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to maximize Snippets on your site.

Interested in seeing other OU Campus features in action? Check out our Product page for more videos.

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Nicole Conary

User Experience Design Engineer

Nicole has a lifelong love of technology and is always looking for ways to make products easier to use. With degrees in English (Cal Poly, SLO) and Computer Science (CSUCI), she got her start in Marketing at OmniUpdate and has since found her niche on the Development team as a User Experience Design Engineer. As a Ventura County, California native, Nicole enjoys being with family and friends, playing video games, rooting for the LA Kings (Go Kings Go!), plotting ways to own a Tesla, and a good glass of wine.

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