Starting with “Why?”

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Starting with “Why?”

One of my favorite visionaries is Simon Sinek, known for his Start with Why philosophy. Sinek’s powerful but simple model for inspirational leadership begins with the question, “Why?”

Why do we do what we do?

I have thought a lot about this in my 17 years as CEO of OmniUpdate. Sure, we want to be respected and make a profit; after all, we have employees who depend on us to do just that. But if that’s our end goal, then we could design and sell products that are much less complicated and technologically-complex than a content management system (CMS).

So why do we—at OmniUpdate—do what we do?

It’s because we care deeply about our end users. We are constantly thinking about how our software can make our customers’ lives easier, more efficient, and more productive. We strive to make software that matters. And more importantly, we believe strongly that if software is the soul of hardware, then support is the soul of software.

Customer support is our why.

We are passionate about our customers, so everything we do is driven by how we can make their jobs easier and make them better at what they do.

Our team works very hard to design a superior CMS that is incredibly responsive in anticipating and meeting our customers’ needs. Yet before we ever write the first line of code, we take time to study industry trends in higher education and consult with the experts—our customers. Higher education is different from any other type of industry, so we listen closely to your unique challenges and needs, and then implement these findings into our OU Campus CMS.

We also have a simple approach to service: We believe in overwhelming our customers with great service. If you get stuck, we are here to help. In fact, our entire company culture is built on this premise, and it’s something we look for in the DNA of everyone we hire.

E-Expectations research is another way we support customers and the industry. The latest 2017 E-Expectations Trend Report compiles valuable data from surveys with 4,274 high school students and 2,138 parents nationwide. Why do we partner annually in creating this report?

Consider a few of the report's findings: Knowing that parents want more inclusion in the admissions process helps you identify relevant content to include on your site. Understanding the increase in the effectiveness of digital ads helps you maximize your advertising budget. Recognizing students’ ever-growing use of mobile devices for accessing college information helps you reach more prospective students.

We design more than software. We design intuitive tools with an exemplary customer support framework to help our customers succeed in everything they do—that’s our why.

Check out our customer case studies and testimonials to learn more about our why.

Hear from our customers

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Lance Merker

President and Chief Executive Officer

Lance has been President and CEO of OmniUpdate since 2001. His passion for OmniUpdate is infectious. It's that passion and his leadership power that has made OmniUpdate the market leader it is today. When Lance isn't leading the top higher education CMS family, he enjoys spearfishing and eating seafood – lobster is his favorite!

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