Understanding Quantitative Data from Your Content Audit

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Understanding Quantitative Data from Your Content Audit

analytics magnified on computer screenA Guide for Colleges and Universities

You know that compiling a comprehensive report of your website’s content and its data is a key step in successful website redesign—but what does it mean? How can you use these statistics to your college or university’s benefit?

Smart content management systems provide you with tools to help you gather quantitative data about your website so that you can better understand how your web pages perform. You can identify areas where your site is effective as well as pages that need improvement. Using quantitative criteria, ask yourself the following questions to provide you with a starting point for examining your content.


Quantitative Criteria Details
Page Traffic
  • What makes high-ranked pages successful? Is it the style, format, hierarchy, images?
  • Is engagement also high? Why or why not?
  • Are low-ranked pages more important and need more traffic?
  • How many words are on the page?
  • Is the content written for the appropriate reading level?
  • What is the average reading time on each page?
  • Is metadata presented in the right format?
Web Analytics
  • What is the number of page views, average time on page, bounce rate for each page?
  • What is the load time for each page? Does this affect page traffic rankings?
  • What causes some pages to have higher conversion rates than others?
  • Who owns each page?


Look for trends and consistency in your data. Document your evaluation and comments to better understand your thought process. Score each page based on performance. And finally, don’t delete any information just yet; simply record your assessment so that you can act later.

To learn more about content auditing for your website redesign project, download Website Audit: Cleaning Up Your Content Before a Redesign.

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