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Successful Website Redesign: Comprehensive Planning and Strategy

website redesign conceptEverything You Need to Know about Initiating and Executing a Website Redesign Project in Higher Education

Your school’s website is woefully out of date, and you’ve been chosen to head up the redesign.

Now what?

A complete website redesign can be a multi-year process that impacts every stakeholder of your college or university. Throughout, there will be dozens of key individuals to please and hundreds of decisions to make that have far-reaching consequences on your school’s enrollment, brand, and digital presence—not to mention the costly investment of time, resources, and dollars. No wonder you feel overwhelmed!

Our latest white paper, Successful Website Redesign: Comprehensive Planning and Strategy, is presented as a step-by-step guide to help you plan and strategize for a successful college website redesign. This is the first white paper in a multi-part series to help initiate, plan, and launch a successful website redesign.

This white paper includes:

  • Navigating the World of Website Redesign
  • Choosing a CMS First Provides a Platform for Success
  • CMS Factors to Consider
  • Selecting Your Website Redesign Committee
  • Understanding Your Audience
  • Defining Your Redesign Goals
  • Assessing Your Resources
  • Determining Your Timeline
  • Who Does the Actual Redesign?
  • How Much Does a Redesign Cost?

To get started planning and strategizing for your next website redesign, download Successful Website Redesign: Comprehensive Planning and Strategy.

Download white paper

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