Get Engaged! What the Latest Research Says About College Websites

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Get Engaged! What the Latest Research Says About College Websites

three college studentsEvery year, prospective students grow increasingly tech-savvy, and if your college or university is not keeping up, you are missing valuable opportunities to attract and interest them in your school. Below is your cheat sheet to catch up.

Five biggest takeaways from the 2018 E-Expectations Trend Report

  1. Create layers of engagement.
    For your message to be noticed, it should be publicized on multiple channels. No longer can you rely on an email. Instead, publicize the same message on social media, through print, and by email to get your point across.

  2. Connect all of your channels.
    Capitalize on technology and analytic data to assess the impact of your campaigns on user engagement across all digital channels.

  3. Show... and tell.
    You have 2 minutes to inspire students to visit or engage with your campus—and you have to do it by providing Insta-worthy images, compelling videos, and informative content that answers their most pressing question: Will I fit in here?

  4. Continue to experiment with new strategies by optimizing your existing resources.
    Get up to speed with the latest technology. Digital advertising that includes text messaging is one of the newest and most effective ways to reach students.

  5. Bring it all back to your website (and then drive them into your CRM).
    Your website should continue to be the hub for all information about your campus. Be strategic in its organization so that visitors can find the information they need quickly and easily. Create plenty of opportunities for them to engage with your institution through email, social media, text messaging, and other interactive channels.

These takeaways are just the tip of everything you’ll learn about reaching prospective students through digital engagement. Download the full 2018 E-Expectations Trend Report today.

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