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Why the Right CMS Is Essential to Your Website Redesign

redesign conceptA website redesign is about more than how your website looks—it should also take into consideration how your site engages visitors. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have the right content management system (CMS) in place before a redesign.

A CMS provides you with the power and tools you need to make your site responsive, interactive, and useful to the people who matter most: prospective and existing students, parents, alumni, and donors.

Following are five reasons why you should consider implementing a new CMS sooner rather than later:

  1. It’s frustrating to complete a redesign only to discover that templates, forms, modules, and other features don’t integrate with your existing CMS. Avoid extra work, extra costs, and wasted time by implementing your CMS first.
  2. Design issues are different from CMS issues. If your current site has missing functionality, inconsistent or outdated content, and ineffective publishing processes, these will not be eliminated by a redesign alone. The right CMS can address these so that your website is efficient and up to date.
  3. A CMS gives you the “how” you need to make your website run properly. Rather than a cobbled-together feel, implementing a robust CMS at the same time as a redesign will help your website work better, have more capabilities, and be more efficient.
  4. A good CMS makes your content portable. This means that your content can be easily pushed out to a variety of platforms, and it saves you thousands of hours of migration work that would be required if you decided to change hosting or switch technologies in the future.
  5. A good CMS comes with comprehensive customer service. Otherwise, you’ll be going it alone as you try to implement a redesign or make changes and updates later.


Choosing a CMS can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Learn more by downloading our latest white paper, Choosing a Web CMS: Laying the Foundation for a Redesign.

Download white paper

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